Do you like exploring and experiencing random matters, consisting of antique museums, historical landmarks, sports activities games and deserted places? If so, we would like to introduce you to a fantastic YouTube web critical known as Something Or Other Tour. Let's test out what the series has to provide.

 The exclusive collection is created with the aid of two brothers Dylan Sesco and Cole. They both enjoy a strong sense of journey. Therefore, they've determined to go to the entire international, consisting of famous, bizarre, and quirky places. Since they wanted to percentage their experience with the sector, they started this kiss asian web series.


In each episode, you get to look at something concrete, including a weird museum, a stadium or an abandoned factory, to call a few. Therefore, each episode will have something to marvel you.

What is so unique approximately these abandoned locations?

So, the question is, what is so fascinating about museums and deserted locations, for instance? While you may now not supply these old, desolate places a look, many people get attracted to these quirky places like a magnet.


It all boils all the way down to your non-public preference. Let's take a look at out a few predominant motives why people like to go to those places.


Each place is different: People love to peer deserted places that people no longer stay in. From century-old newspapers to timber and plants developing on the roofs, you can not expect what those locations may have to see.


Curiosity: Some traffic head to these places out of pure curiosity. They need to find out approximately the dwellers of those locations and the motives they left them for excellent.


Eerily lovely: Some human beings discover it thrilling to look huge, deserted buildings get destroyed slowly with time. So, those locations are eerily beautiful.

Causes of abandonment of those locations

Given beneath are a few not surprising reasons why some places are abandoned for desirable. They are in no specific order.

  • Human made screw-ups
  • Massacres, sacking, or struggle
  • Depletion of herbal assets
  • Contamination or disorder
  • Famine or drought
  • Natural disasters
  • Economic fall apart

Steps to observe earlier than you go to deserted locations:

Although touring those locations is not any specific from travelling to different places, you could need to take a few precautions in some instances.


1. Get permission

2. Research to discover approximately any risks

3. Find out if the locations are open to the public

4. Never thieve something

5. Take a person with you.

6. Don't be there for days


How do you find deserted houses or museums?

Just like something else, Google can help you look for abandoned places or museums. Given underneath are some techniques that you may attempt:


Ask around: You can ask nearby residents if there are such places close to them.


Ask Google: On the Internet, you could make a listing of such places from the comfort of your room. One way is to watch TV collection or internet we b series kiss Asian collection, which includes Something Or Other Tour. They will display you quite a few spooky,abandoned locations or museums.


In quick, if you need to look one-of-a-kind deserted places, inclusive of antique homes, hospitals, or museums, you could check out the net critical we've got delivered in this newsletter.


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