The Coronavirus Lockdown has impacted the life of every Indian citizen. The unprecedented situation has evoked a strong sense of fear and insecurity in the mind of everyone

COVID-19 Outbreak: Government relaxes restrictions on the transportation of goods

The Coronavirus Lockdown has impacted the life of every Indian citizen. The unprecedented situation has evoked a strong sense of fear and insecurity in the mind of everyone. In spite of the fact that the situation is extremely chaotic and stressful, the center and state governments has taken measures to alleviate fear of the common man. 

The government is taking apt measures so that panic does not grip the mind of people. As such, immobility and lock down kick starts a lot of insecurity both in terms of health and economic conditions. Assurance has been given by the Prime minister that people need not panic about availability of essential  services ,commodities and medicines during this period of 21-day nationwide lockdown. Even if Autonomous and Subordinate Offices of government of India and Public Corporations will be closed but public utilities products including petroleum, CNG, PNG, LPG will be available. Other important gamut of services which would reduce stress and fear will be open to create ease and convenience. This includes disaster management services, Early Warning Agencies, National Informatics Centre, and post offices. The essential services offered by   District administration and Treasury Electricity, water, sanitation Municipal bodies such as sanitation, water supply are being provided to the people. 

 Necessary food items and groceries are available at ration shops managed by PDS, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder is being distributed by vendors who have the permission. However, the district authorities are encouraging and facilitating home delivery to people staying at homes in order to observe social distancing and reduce the movement of people outside their homes. 

 Essential Services are offered by personal working in Banks and insurance offices, so that people get the desired funds to manage their daily needs. ATMs are functioning so that transactions of money are possible without any hassle.   Print and electronic media Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Internet and cable services remain open so that people can work from home and even children can attend online classes. IT and IT enabled Services only for essential services   has minimized stress and reduced panic. The department of Fire offers its emergency services and is available to help the people. Chemist and medical equipment shops, dispensaries, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, other hospital support services and ambulances continue to remain functional and offer indispensable services to mankind. A digital payment platform is set up by public and private service provider companies which is open to the account holders within a specific period of time thus making payment systems easy.

Although transport services by road, rail and air are suspended but transportation companies are working round the clock for transportation of essential commodities and medical supplies. The transportation is available for all medical personnel including nurses and para-medical staff. professional transport companies are offering their local transportation and logistics services  to create ease of transportation  of essential commodities Their dedicated task force with their well-maintained fleet of vehicles offer timely deliveries and thus people can ‘continue to stay home and keep India  safe’


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