There are some easy tips to design your custom pillow boxes more attractively. In fact, by laminating your pillow boxes wholesale, you would give them a premium and the finest quality look.

Long-term buyers are bound to get attracted when they see products in engaging boxes. Beautifully shaped custom pillow boxes might be the ideal ones to address your issues. When it comes to consummate look, creative design, and amazing packaging, these boxes are a perfect choice. Yet, you still need to design the boxes more cautiously to reflect your brand and attract more customers. In this post, we will explore some easy tips to design your custom pillow boxes more attractively. 

Why Product Packaging Is Important?

Product packaging plays a crucial part in making your product appear more beautiful and alluring. For growing the business and expanding the sale rate, product visibility is generally significant. It is a more important thing for grabbing the customers’ attention. For this reason, your packaging style should be attractive.

The basic and dull color combination will never draw in your customers. For delivering the most attractive product presentation, you need the most unique pillow box packaging. Why? Because the way you pack and present your product will represent your brand image in each aspect. To make it easier for you, below are some easy tipsto design your pillow boxes and make them more attractive.

Focus on the Sizes

While creating custom pillowboxes, you should first understand the dimension of your products. The sizeof your boxes is the main significant factor to consider. It is highlyimportant for keeping your products as secure as could really be expected. Thisapplies more of you need to send your products to customers over far distances.

As far as product safety, designing large pillow boxes for packing products like gift items iswasteful. Your products will be moving around and reach your customers indamaged. On the other hand, smaller boxes will not be good to place yourproducts inside as well. There may be a chance that the edges will be broken,expanding the danger of harm to your products.

Apply a More Professional Design

Kraft pillow boxes can be the best option for you to present your brand in a moreprofessional image. We know that it is significant to stand out in front ofyour imminent buyers. Thus, you should first design the artwork that will beused to make your boxes.

You could choose between a 3D packaging design and a die-line one.If you don't have a single idea of how to use complicated design tools, the 3Dpackaging design will be an incredible option.

·        Formats for die-cutting

Die-cutting templates, in another case, will give you unlimitedauthority over your plan's design, textual styles, colors, and arrangement.Make sure there are no cut or yield lines in your craftsmanship. Instead, theyshould be stored as vectors or structures.

Go with Dark Colors and Bold Fonts

In case you make your design excessively small, it will becomefluffy and obscured. Text composed on your pillowgift box looks best when they are written in an intense textual style withdim colors. Will be better if you would make them in Italic fonts.

Wisely Choose the Color Patterns

The more engaging your pillowboxes wholesale will be, the more potentials you have to magnetize thosemarket customers. The best method to make your packaging boxes stand apart isby using the right color patterns. In this case, you would need to worktogether with an expert packaging company to help you complete them accurately.

The most popular ones that will be offered to you are CMYK and PMScolor schemes. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black), just as PMS((primary, secondary, and tertiary), are the most famous color strategies.Without stressing over pixel breaking, you might make a dazzling combination bycombining these four standard colors in CMYK.

On the other side, PMS is becoming popular nowadays. Apart from itssignificant expense, this strategy is famous and preferred to create amazinglarge pillow boxes.

Typography Is Important for Your Custom Pillow Boxes

Your content will be lucid when printed on your custom pillow boxes if ONLY you select solid typography. A simpleor basic textual style configuration, then again, maybe faded while printing.Thus, you need to add some flair to your boxes in case you are usinglight-color or white substance against a dim background.

There may be a chance that for the ink to drain, just as a darkbackground will create an optical illusion. This will shrink your content and,in specific cases, causes it to be blurred when seen from a far distance.

Save More Cash on Your Pillow Boxes

Using cardboard sheets to make the right-sized pillow boxes may set aside your cash over the long term. Inaddition, it will also reduce the risk of harm and ensures that your productsshow up in great condition. The best thing is, you could get pocket-friendlypillow boxes to appeal to those eyes. 

Always Choose the Most Effective Template

Something else to remember is to always choose a suitable template.Keep in mind that every single product needs the right product packaging. Thus,it is essential to choose the right design for your pillow box packaging to attract more customers.

Get a Wide Selection of Appealing Designs

As a brand owner, you may have a great deal of packaging designs.However, you should always choose the most impeccable one that reflects yourbrand image. Better yet, you could always design your pillow boxes wholesale according to your brand-oriented theme.Well, this sounds better!

Apply Lamination

Pillow boxes wholesale are not only available in an assortment ofcolors and surfaces. More than that, you would have the choice of applying oneof the wonderful coatings such as:

·        The glossy coating will give aglimmering appearance to your boxes while additionally keeps humidity out

·        Gold or silver foil may alsogive a similar impact on your pillowboxes

By laminating your custom pillow boxes, you would give them a premium and the finest quality look. Atthe same time, coating serves as a humidity fence and shields your productsfrom hazardous components.


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