Forget Hull Cleaning Service: 3 Replacements You Need to Jump On

To maintain the maximum performance of a ship, it is required to hire professional divers to clean the hull of the boats. When the ship is submerged in the water, unacceptable levels of toxic materials get accumulated therefore, it is better to practise hull cleaning services often to avoid marine growth. Some of the important functions of the hull are to prevent structural damage, protect cargo, machinery, flooding and accommodation spaces from the climate. It is suggested to practice hull cleaning services to optimize the vessel performance, increase fuel efficiency and encourage hydrodynamic performance, speed and power performance. Hull cleaning services facilities the elimination of corrosion products, old paintwork, fouling by algae and other marine organisms.


When is the  hull cleaning service need to be conducted?

  • After a long journey
  • When the rise in fuel consumption and reduction in speed is experienced
  • A decrease in the efficiency of the cooling system onboard is experienced
  • It can also be conducted before the underwater inspections


Some of the benefits of hull cleaning are-

  • Increases the speed of the boat
  • Decreases the consumption of fuel
  • Increases the ship’s lifetime


There are alternatives services available for hull cleaning

  • Replacement of anodes 


Replacement of sacrificial anodes on ships


Corrosion can be considered a greatest and toughest enemy of a ship. It is hard to fight against corrosion for the people working the ship. A substance that is used in abundance on the ship is Iron. Iron is a corrosion-prone material. A ship is always in contact with water and moisture-laden winds that increase the chances of corrosion. the hull part of the vessel is extremely vulnerable to corrosion. these anodes need replacement only when they are completely decayed. The interval gap for the replacement of anodes depends on the application where the anodes have been used. It is suggested to check the anodes if they are attached to the ship’s hull during the dry dock that takes place after 2 to 3 tears. Mostly, the replacement of sacrificial anodes takes place at every dry dock.


Classification of Anodes

Classification of the anode is done based on the shape

  • Flat or block-shaped
  • Tear-drop anodes
  • Cylindrical or semi-cylindrical
  • Disc-shaped
  • Bracelet anodes and tubular anodes

Based on the size, there are small-sized anodes and large-sized anodes. And based on material, there are zinc anodes and aluminium anodes preferred in the shipping industry. 

Sacrificial anodes are installed for cathode protection they are the metal stripes of top-order metals in the reactivity series act as an anode. 

Flush-mounted anodes, slender anodes or sometimes just stand-off anodes are some of the anodes classified on the basis of anode mounting methods. Different shapes of anodes are capable of different situations. The shape of the anode depends on the basis of equipment or part that needs to be protected, space availability and installation ease. 


Functions of Sacrificial Anodes

  1. The main function of anodes is to protect the main hull, ballast tanks and heat exchangers of a ship from corrosion
  2. Sailors provide storage chests to cater for the storage requirements. In such sea chests, the function of a sacrificial anode is to save them from corrosion. 


The advantages of sacrificial anodes are-

  • Do not require any external power source
  • Easy to install with the help of bolts, brackets or welds
  • Inspection is quite easier
  • Reduces the corrosion attacks and increases the service life of the ship 


Most commonly used Anode materials

The materials with high reactivity can be used as anodes for the material that has comparatively lower reactivity. 

Magnesium(mg), Aluminium (Al), Zinc (Zn), Chromium (Cr), Iron (Fe) and Nickel (Ni) are the materials arranged based on their decreasing reactivity. Zinc and aluminium are preferred as sacrificial anodes to protect the iron and steel hull of the ship in the maritime industry.



The article explains the need and advantage of hull cleaning but the main purpose of the article is to forget about hull cleaning and jump to other replacements. The article has highlighted the requirement, material, the function of anodes since sacrificial anodes protect the hull of the ship, they need to be replaced after sometimes for better functioning of the ship. Ship repair and maintenance service companies offer replacement of sacrificial anodes services and hull cleaning as well.




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