So, we will talk about some of the luxury cars which you can rent from sports car rental Dubai at a very cheap price.

Everybody wishes to drivea luxury car at least once in their life. But the only barrier that comes forthis wish to get fulfilled is the money. These days the prices of luxury carsare so high that a middle-class person cannot afford them. The only solutionfor this is to rent the luxury cars that you want and fulfill your wish.  

Especially talking aboutDubai, the city with beautiful roads which might thrill you to cruise onthrough luxury vehicles, people who are fond of cars but cannot afford it rentthe luxury cars and drive them. 

So, we will talk aboutsome of the luxury cars which you can rent from sports car rental Dubai at a very cheap price. 

●       Nissan Sunny: 

Nissan Sunny is aninvention of the Japanese company Nissan. Earlier it was called Datsun butsince 1980 the name of Datsun has changed to Nissan. The car runs on Diesel.This car provides an engine displacement of 1461 cc. The torque of the car isabout 200 nm. Nissan provides a mileage of about 22.71 kilometers per liter. Ithas 5 Inline cylinders. With a very comfortable space, the car allows 5 peopleto travel at a time. 

Talking about the rentalprice in Dubai or UAE it costs around AED 70 per day and AED 1300 per month insports cars rental Dubai. Which is a very affordable price for a luxury carlike this. 

●       Toyota Corolla: 

Toyota Corolla is made bythe Japanese automobile company Toyota. It is considered as the best sellingcar since 1974. Till 2016 the Toyota company has sold around 44 million Corollaall around the world. The Corolla in Japanese stands for ‘small crown‘. It runson petrol. The car provides an ARAI mileage of 13.4 kilometers per liter. Ithas an engine displacement of 1794 cc. It contains four cylinders and fourvalves per cylinder. It has a top speed of 191.7 kilometers per hour. 

The very comfortable carshave the capacity of carrying five people at a time. Talking about the Rentalprice in Dubai, it costs around AED 80 per day and AED 1500 per month. The mostaffordable car by the sports carrental Dubai. 

●       Renault Duster: 

Renault Duster is made bythe French Multinational automobile company. The Renault company was started in1899. A wide range of cars is being manufactured by the company. TheHeadquarters Of Renault is in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris. The RenaultDuster runs on petrol. It has an engine displacement of 1330 cc. With anautomatic transmission, it has a maximum torque of 254 Nm. It contains fourcylinders with four valves per cylinder.

The car provides an ARAImileage of 16.42 kilometers per liter. 

The comfortable carprovides a comfortable space for five people to travel at a time in it. The carcost around AED 90 per day and AED 1700 per month in Dubai for rentthrough sports car rental Dubai. 

●       Kia Optima: 

Kia Optima is a mid-sizecar manufactured by a South Korean Multinational automobile company Kia motorscorporation. It runs on Gasoline. With the six-speed automatic transmission, itprovides combined MPG 31. It provides a mileage of 27 kilometers per liter inthe city and on the highway it provides the mileage of 37 kilometers per liter.It has a fuel tank capacity of 18.5 gals. It contains four Inline cylinders anda torque of 195 lb. The comfortable car provides a seating capacity for fivepeople at a time. It cost AED 100 per day and AED 2000 per month in Dubai. 

●       Chevrolet Malibu: 

Chevrolet Malibu ismanufactured by General Motors. General Motors is an American automobilecompany. Malibu is a midsize car. This company was started in 1911. TheChevrolet company has managed over the years to sell its manufactured cars allover the world. 

The Chevrolet Malibu runson gasoline. With an automatic transmission, it provides four Inline cylinders.It provides a mileage of 29 mpg in the city and on the highway it provides themileage of 36 mpg. It has a fuel tank capacity of 15.8 gals. With torque 184lb-ft it provides a turning circle of 37.0 ft. It is a very comfortable carwith a seating capacity of five people. The sports car rental Dubai provides this car at rent for AED 100per day and AED 2000 per month which is a very affordable price. 

●       Hyundai Accent: 

Hyundai Accent is producedby Hyundai. Hyundai is a South Korean automobile company. It is a subcompactcar. The Hyundai Accent was replaced by Hyundai Verna in 2000. This car runs onpetrol. It provides the ARAI mileage of 13.2 kmpl and city mileage of 9.0 kmpl.The transmission is manual in this car. The car provides a displacement of 1495cc. It contains four-cylinder and four valves per cylinder. It contains a fueltank capacity of 45 liters. It is a very comfortable car with a seatingcapacity of five people. 

The cost of hiring theHyundai Accent for rent in Dubai is AED 80 per day and AED 1350 per month. Theprices may vary from different car rentals. 

●       MitsubishiAttrage: 

Mitsubishi Attrage isproduced by a Japanese automotive company Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Attrage is asedan version of Mirage. It runs on petrol. It has an engine capacity of 1193cc. It has a power of 59 kW and maximum torque of 106 Nm. The Attrage has a topspeed of 170 km/hr. The fuel consumption of the car is about 20.4 km/l. Thefront brakes of the car are Disc brakes and the rear brakes of the car are Drumbrakes. The front suspension is MacPherson strut and the rear suspension isTorsion beam. 

This is a very comfortablecar with a seating capacity of five people at a time. The cost of rent for thiscar in sports car rental Dubai isabout AED 85 per day and AED 1360 per month. Which is again an affordableprice. 


If you wish to hire luxurycars at an affordable price in Dubai the above cars are the few options. Theprices may vary from different car rentals but the basic amount which you haveto pay is being mentioned above.



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