Break old and date systems, develop new collaborative skills and learn to adapt to remote environments while taking care of yourself and others around you. Till then, stay safe and this too shall pass.

The entire world is on lockdown, apprehensive about the current scenario, and rightfully so. In the midst of these events, social media has come to play a seminal role, as these platforms offer critical infrastructure, help spread the right plan of action as advised by global health watchdogs, and facilitate the faster implementation of steps taken to contain the spread of the virus. Social media marketing companies need to understand the gift that social media is, as it is an irreplaceable tool, especially during such trying times. 

As businesses face a looming recession and daily existence is compromised, it is understandable that entire populations are panicked, feeling trapped in the machinations of events transpiring today. As per a survey by Econsultancy, brands are already on their way to crafting short-term and long-term strategies, with digital transformation and restructuring in mind. This is an opportunity for organizations specializing in digital marketing services to come up with ways to motivate and inspire and assume leadership during times of chaos and uncertainty.

Here are some ways in which businesses can tweak their communication strategies to transmit some sort of hope and solace:

  • Use social to facilitate human connection with the help of Facebook groups, informative videos, live streaming, and one-on-one messages.

  • Use social to mitigate disruption on the business front by amplifying customer interaction. 

  • Use these disruptive lessons to mold the future, especially in scenarios wherein the best has to be made via remote work and real-time analytics. 

Utilize Social Media to Preserve Human Connections 

As the COVID-19 crisis demands that social distancing be the need of the hour, this can, in turn, jeopardize critical human bonds, due to the fact that we are predominantly social animals. While public trust and opinions can sway heavily, especially during times of duress, big tech platforms are helping keep the bonds of humanity intact. Regular briefings and precautionary measures are being disseminated by health and government bodies, which promotes transparency and keeps hope alive. 

As the need for one-on-one connection surges, more people are turning to instant messaging platforms than ever before. The urge to socialize and connect with other stands paramount, and this should be steered into a more positive direction by companies. Facebook has seen a growth spurt in community-driven communication, with the rise of 300+ local coronavirus support groups. So, what can companies do?

If you have the means to aid the cause of a certain group of individuals impacted by the novel COVID-19, do it. Try and be as helpful and compassionate as possible, and contribute to those who need the most. It is indeed inspiring to see CEOs like Ed Bastian (Delta) contributing 100% of his salary to support the organization. Once you do this, it solidifies what your brand stands for - it is a people’s brand that stands for human compassion, and people will remember that. Show empathy. It really helps save the world, in one way or the other. 

Utilize Social Media to Mitigate Disruption

A survey highlights that there will be a 75% increase in e-commerce consumption. As physical stores are under lockdown, more people are turning to online services for essential goods, such as food, bill payment, medical supplies, household items, etc. This also demands the deployment of virtual technology, which supports the rising interest in AI consultants and AR virtual try-on. Hence, this is the best time to work upon and implement digital solutions for one and all. 

While the virtual world provides some amount of relief in this scenario, people fundamentally crave human interaction. This has been leveraged well by Perfect Corp, who launched an AR training service to provide brands such as Estée Lauder with Livestream tips for their beauty advisers. As per Perfect Corp, the addition of virtual try-on technology has generated 2.5x conversions for brands of global scales. 

Utilize Social Media to Build a Better Tomorrow

While short-term tactics hold up well in terms of dealing with our altering realities in the present, businesses also need to think long-term. Use the lessons learned during times of crisis and utilize them to build a better tomorrow. It is critical to ensure that social data is connected in a seamless way with sources of digital intelligence, such as website traffic, security, and CRM systems.


Break old and date systems, develop new collaborative skills and learn to adapt to remote environments while taking care of yourself and others around you. Till then, stay safe and this too shall pass. 


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