If you are serious about the SEO of your blog, a content calendar is a superb way because ignoring content strategy, would be overwhelming impacts on your website.

To create effective content for the blog of your website for the whole year, first, you need to recognize your goals. Identify your targeted audience and you must know the buyer’s journey. Social media agencies can help you out in this sense to develop good content.

Through your content strategy, you can recognize, organize, and plan the most relevant format and topics to attract your customers successfully all over the year. Follow few effective steps to create SEO based content calendar for the blog of your website.

Recognize The Objective Of Your Content Marketing

Eventually, the final goal of your business is to producemore customers and then enhance your ROI. But what should you produce specifically for your business? First of all, you need to follow SMART and move your business towards your targeted audience with an effective approach.

In the buyer’s journey, your strategy for content marketing should speak to your audience with the respective three phases. It should follow the awareness, consideration, and decision-making phase. Your marketing strategy should include retention marketing tactics to keep happy customers.

Ø In the awareness stage, focus on to appeal the new audience. And for this purpose, your content should be relatable, helpful, and can easily share. Besides, contention certain products and services in this phase.

Ø In consideration Stage, now the audience is familiar with your products and services and starts to trust you. They follow you on social media platforms as well.

Ø The last decision stage, is the final stage in the buyer’s journey. In this stage, the audience is ready to take the final step and move ahead towards purchase. You may require to earn their trust so that they can purchase through your store.

·        Ways keyword search

Your first step is to identify your relevant content ideas through producing a list of questions and niches you know that people can ask of your industry. Address individuals of your sales team and look at the analytics of your past campaigns. Customer's recommendation can prove best perceptive. 

Another best strategy is to break through new creative ideas through online searching. Numerous tools can help you to create new niches, recognize the questions that people are asking, and create the best topics for, content planner.

·        Choose RelevantKeywords Through Your Research

After your breakthrough topics and creative keyword ideas, it is the perfect time to narrow down the selected keywords and even phrases. Make sure all of them are relevant to your industry. You may require to use these creative topics and monitor your content for the entire year. The date of these searched keywords will be the best foundation of your content planner.

After organizing your data of keywords, now the time has come to review your selected phrases and finding results that can make the most sense for your products, services, and even your targeted audience as well.

·        Use A Data Spreadsheet for Your Format Keywords

After downloading keywords, open the spreadsheet. At this stage, you can get help through Instagram video marketing to get the best and most relevant keywords. You can see many columns that would be irrelevant to this procedure. Besides, it is also recommended that format a spreadsheet in such a way that can review the data as well-organized as possible. Now, the time has come to delete irrelevant information through this process.


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