SEO do this line of people are aware of the site internal optimization is very important, internal Web site optimization refers to upgrade the site within the Pakistan.

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SEO do this line of people are aware of the site internal optimization is very important, internal Web site optimization refers to upgrade the site within the Pakistan, but the site also there are other internal optimization, for example, keyword relative density setting, to enhance these photos. Let's talk with the web editor next.

1. Website structure such as URL level, structure diversity, including keywords in URL, whether to open many secondary websites, etc.

2. The Meta information content settings in the head tag at the top of the website header, such as tkd settings, avoid the addition of search engines' automatic conversion format codes, the application of canonical tags, and the addition of website authentication codes.

3. The keyword frequency of the website is the relative density increase. Of course, there are keywords. Of course, the actual operation of the manual service is to increase the relative density of the keywords appropriately to improve the keyword rankings, and make the search engine look natural.

4. The rational layout of keywords has been improved. The typical standard is to place key keywords in key positions, and place them inappropriate web pages according to the degree of market competition of keywords. For example, the overall target keywords are placed on the main page. The secondary keywords are placed on the channel page, and the long-tail keywords are placed on the content page.

5. High-quality content, to improve a lot of content that is valuable in search engines, such as drop-down lists and keywords that are strongly recommended at the bottom that are searched by customers, including many original content of real words, and collect and develop content based on The content of the gain value is based on the content caused by the ugc function.

6. The frequency of website upgrades. Periodically upgrade the website instead of not upgrading it for a long time.

7. Retrieval requirements cover, that is, the diversity of website content that people often say, according to the relative special tools to dig words, expand out the keywords related to the segmented manufacturing industry and rationally arrange them on suitable web pages.

8. Website code design, such as the addition of the weight value tag H1, the addition of the photo ALT tag, the reduction of website coding, the activation of effective tags within the website, webmaster statistics, Baidu sharing, web search coding, and the addition of relevant coding recommended by Baidu.

9. Appropriate export links. An all-normal website has all the normal export links and many import links, but most SEO practitioners ignore this. Exporting links will increase the ranking of websites in search engines. Linking to other relevant websites in the article content is effective for readers. There are also some anecdotal direct evidences to apply such basic theories. Too many export links will harm your website and should be "appropriate is important".

10. Domain name registration is related to the well-known brand or theme style of the domain name, and the website domain name includes special keywords.

11. Setting of the topographic map of the website. The topographic map of a website is also called a site. It is a web page on which links to all web pages on the website are placed. For SEO, the benefits of website topography are numerous. It can not only show links to search engine search engine spiders that can access all websites; it can also show some links to search engine search engine spiders, preferring dynamic web pages or choosing other web pages that are less reachable.

12. Setting of Robots tag in website internal documents. Under normal circumstances, URLs that are useless for website promotion can be blocked according to Robots files, and there are few other actual operation points.

13. Application of no follow label. This label is especially often used for large and medium-sized websites.

No follow is an HTML feature value used to indicate that weblinks of some search engines cannot harm the ranking of the overall target of the link in the database index of the search engine. The goal is to try to avoid the harm of waste links to search engines. Reasonable use of no follow tags can give you a clearer picture of where the weight value of your website turns. In areas where you don’t use them, you can use these two tags to inform search engines that you don’t need to track this link. This is not the top priority of people’s websites. For example: the link in the website’s evaluation content, about me the web pages of these.

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