WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin Free
In the Online business grows, there are no secrets, the demand for your business products increases, and also your sole supplier will not be able to meet it. In that case, every Woo-commerce website must have Inventory WordPress plugins for your profit.

Sometimes the customer confused to get select the plugin then, we can be recommended before you select the plugin of Inventory WordPress for your WooCommerce website, then you purchase the free plugin for the demo.

One of the best role-play the TradeGecko in the WooCommerce Inventory Management. If you want this service then just go this given link and register that and enjoy the services which we can provide in this link. 

In below, we will discuss the WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins Free

The Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins Free

Here, we can provide the Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins Free, and the details are given below:-


The WooCommerce stock manager is a free plugin that is available in the WordPress plugin directory and it also helps you manage stock for simple and variable to your business products. In this free plugin, you can manage the stock, status of the stock, back orders, regular price, sale price, and also the weight for each business product and variation.

The color-coded user interface has also given you a clear idea about stock status, and any critical status you can promptly take an action. In this plugin, you can filter products by various criteria and that is product type, category, stock status, etc.

This free plugin also allows you to export all data from your store into a CSV file, which is easy storage.

At that time you install this free plugin, you can find a section for this plugin on the WordPress admin panel “WooCommerce Stock Manager”.

Key Features:-

  • Stock report.
  • Import and export.
  • Product filtering.
  • Multi-store operation.
  • Fast and easy retail POS.



This plugin is stock management in theadvanced plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin is available in a free version thatgives you complete control of all your business products from one page.

It is also using advanced software such asATUM for WooCommerce, owners of the business can keep track of their everybusiness item that they have in stock. It can give permission for the higherprofitability, more accurate online inventory listings, and better overallbusiness in Correct management of your business.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers quick product data editing
  • The revolutionary stock control system
  • Provides advanced search and filter options
  • Comes with advanced inventory management
  • Offers inventory management statistics and reports
  • Full inventory management.
  • This plugin can only update one-page in one time
  • It can be changed in the Quick price, and also change the indicators stock levels
  • Suppliers can also change with the purchase orders and premium add-ons.
  • WooCommerce variable products full support.


  • The all products of WooCommerce on one screen.
  • The bulk edition of the product price is Quickly and product sale price including the date ranges of sales.
  • The items can purchase orders with PDF export.


  • It is Hard-pressed to find any.


3. Orderhive Inventory Management - 15-days Free

Orderhive is reliable and easy to use WooCommerce inventory management plugins. This allows you to manage sales to the inventory of multi-channels from a single dashboard. With this plugin, the method of cutting the guesswork and track incoming and also the outgoing inventory levels.

It offers you to the accurate tracking with real-time insights and then the process that you never reach low-stock,no-stock, or overstock situations. In this plugin you can also manage and sync your entire inventory across all sales channels, warehouses, drop-shippers, and 3PLs from a single-view platform. With the offline feature, you can keep your online inventory paired.

In this plugin, it saves both your time and your effort as it comes are also allows with features that easily automate all manual tasks. It regularly gets updates on your devices in all inventory data,and also this plugin will reduce the risk of underselling and overselling as it tracks incoming and outgoing inventory for your business.

Key Features:

  • It syncs the inventory in the mode of Offline and online
  • It tagged the multiple Offer options
  • The FIFO Automated inventory rules
  • Across the channel just Push stock quantity
  • It alerts before  the Low stock and out of stock
  • Provides inventory history and also the last purchase price reports
  • It also manages the multiple warehouses 3PL, Amazon FBA, and other more
  • Sync the inventory and also comes sales order with multi-channel

Pricing:- The basic plan starts at $99.99/month. This plugin also gives you the offer of a free 15-day trial.


The solutions mentioned in this article should help you streamline your inventory, and give you the information about the free plugin. Hope this information or details of the free plugin is helpful to you.And if the customer has any issues then just take the support, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any type of help related to this.


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