Having the best psychiatrists in Lahore, IZR provides comprehensive psychiatric care ranging from mental disease best e diagnosis to successful brain counseling.

Substance misuse is a significant problem that is affecting both young and elderly people in nearly every part of the country. It has negative effects on the addict's physical and emotional health and if not treated, it will result in the loss of a young life.

Substance abuse disorder

It is a disorder in which a person has the habit of consuming some drugs on a daily basis in order to obtain gratification. These compounds are hazardous to human health, and many have been restricted in several countries. When a human uses them on a daily basis, his body becomes addicted to them. When a person does not use the drug again, a strong desire emerges. It becomes essential to consume again in order to get relief.

Major substance which are acquired by the addicts include

·       Caffeine

·       Heroin

·       Amphetamines

·       Alcohols

·       Marijuana

·       Tobacco products

Mental issues associated with drug addiction?

There are several mental health conditions that are linked to substance misuse. As long as the individual continues to use the drug, he destroys his mental abilities to coordinate with others. It is also considered that mental health problems can also be the cause behind drug abuse. They can trigger a person to acquire drugs for getting peace of mind. When these conditions coexist, a person's physical health suffers greatly.

Common mental health problems in addicts

Addicts face a lot of problems in their life which not only affects their own life but also ruins family relationships. The below are some of the issues that an addict faces:

·       Behavioral problems

Behavior disorder is a major shift that happens after a brief period of addiction. Every time, he seems agitated and restless. He is no longer involved in developing positive relationships with others. He is unable to monitor his behavior towards others, including his family and friends. This is why he runs his relationships.

·       Body coordination issues

Substance abuse harms a man's central nervous system. It has an effect on the nerve cells, which contain neurotransmitters that regulate the body's behavior. Patients who are severely addicted are unable to regulate their body activity in order to perform everyday life activities. They have impaired body control when doing tasks or interacting with others. When they are anxious, their hands and even their whole body begin to shake.

·       Depression

 Panic attacks due to missed doses cause severe depression and anxiety. These two are the common causes that severely impair the patient's social and personal life. His social circle nearly quits because he is unable to control his feelings and actions. His mental state is perpetually sad, hopeless, and troubled.

·       Sleep problems

The drug-addicted patient has severe sleep problems. These drugs have a sedative and unconscious effect on the brain. When the patient consumes them, he falls into a deep sleep for an extended period of time. His sleeping habits change, and he faces extremes. He suffers from extreme insomnia after a long sleep under the influence of a drug. It is the worst-case scenario that he is unable to sleep without medication.

·       Focus/concentration issues

Another difficulty associated with drug use is the inability to concentrate or focus on a specific issue. The patient lacks his ability to concentrate on his everyday tasks or work out the pertinent problems. With the passing time, his life finds its way into a jumble of issues.

Treatment to regain mental health

It is very difficult to treat a drug-addicted patient who already has a psychiatric disorder. It necessitates the skills of both medical specialists and psychologists. It is important for the patient to resolve these concerns and if not addressed promptly, they will escalate to a life-threatening illness. If you or a member of your family is dealing with a mental health issue, please do not wait to ruin his condition more.

Having the best psychiatrists in Lahore, IZR provides comprehensive psychiatric care ranging from mental disease best e diagnosis to successful brain counseling. They meet with the patient on a daily basis until he is safe and well enough to face life's challenges.



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