If you want make your daily breakfast healthy by adding more protein and vitamins in it then follow all the steps which we mentioned that you can grow sprouts at home. And grow srouts today

How to grow sprouts at home- So let's start the easiest process of growing sprouts at home.  Are you one of those people who ever tried to grow sprouts at home or are you one of those people who never try to grow sprouts at home? Beacuse the benefits of sprouts are countless so here in this article, we will tell you about the simple process and steps which help you to grow the sprouts at home. Grow 

Eating sprouts on a daily basis makes your daily diet full of nutrients like protein and minerals and always keeps your body fit and active. Also eating sprouts prevents hungriness for a long time.

Now let's begin the journey and steps of growing sprouts at home or how to grow sprouts at home.

How to Grow Sprouts At Home- Instructions

  • Take a Jar and put at least two seeds of sprouts in it and sprout those seeds for at least 8 hours.

  • Always make sure that you change the sprouts water in fix hours during the growth time of sprouts

  • Follow these steps for 3-4 days and after that take sprouts out and eat them


How to Grow Different Types of Sprouts

Now here we discuss how we can grow different types of sprouts at home.

How to Grow Brussel Sprouts At Home

It is easy to grow Brussel Sprouts by using a little space in a garden. Follow these simple steps and grow the Brussel Sprouts at Home.

  • Plant them for 6- 10 weeks.

  • Always choose and select the site full of sun brightness and rich soil 

  • Cut off the seeds of these sprouts 3-4 inches or plant seedlings 18-24 inches apart.

  • Always provide consistent moisture to Brussel Sprouts

  • Fertilize them after 1 month of planting.

  • Always protect from worms and insects.

  • Harvest them when they become long at least 2- 3 inches.

Watch this video and follow all the steps and grow Brussel Sprouts at home.

How to Grow Bean Sprouts At Home

Another sprout that is full of Vitamins and Minerals and good for your health is the bean sprout. Follow these simple steps and grow Bean Sprouts at home.

  • Take out the half cup of the bean sprouts

  • Then place those beans in the bottom and middle of the jar and fill some water in a jar.

  • Cover the jar with some transparent cloth or the foil by making a little hole in it.

  • Place that jar in a place where you found fewer reflections of light. And let the bean sprouts soak for 10-12 hours.

  • Take out the old water from the jar and put the fresh water in it and then go back to the location where you put them.

  • At least for 3 days follow this process and make your beans grow wisely.

  • After 3- 4 days when your sprouts reach the desired size, take them out and eat them or store them in some dry container or in a refrigerator.

Watch this video and grow bean sprouts at your home.

How to Grow Chana Sprouts At Home

Chana Sprouts are also called black chickpeas. So follow these steps and grow chana sprouts at home.

  • First, wash the chana sprouts and put them in a jar with some water for 8- 12 hours.

  • Make them drain properly and tie in some cotton cloth or towel.

  • Keep it in a warm place for 3 days and change the water after 4 -5 hours during these days.

  • After 3 days they look completely ready and you can make salad and different dishes from it.

Watch this video and grow chana sprouts at home in just 3 days.

5 Best About How to Grow Sprouts

Select the type of Sprouts. As we there are many species of sprouts. So Always choose the type which you want to grow.

Always make sure that after selecting you put the sprouting seed in a clean jar with clean water. And soak them for 8-10 hours.

Always change the soak water between the growth of 2 days.

Keep them in a proper environment and temperature according to their species types.

When you think sprouts are ready to eat or reach the proper size then take them out from the jar and eat them or store them in a dry place.

Final Say

How to grow sprouts at home- as you can see we mention the best way for growing sprouts at home. Follow these steps for these different species of sprouts and grow them at home in very quick steps. Sprouts start your day with a healthy and fit diet so make sure you eat them daily.


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