In this article, we are going to explain the difference between single ended shower bath and double ended bathtub.

All You Need to Know About Single Ended Shower Bath

The single ended bath is a type of bathtub that is suitable for a single person’s use. Bathtubs are an important fixture in UK’s bathrooms.  Not only is it a highly functional element but also a centerpiece that is important for both aesthetics and functional purposes. The importance of these fixtures is important as it links to our health. It is because bathing can be a great way to improve our health and wellbeing. People who love exercise, aerobics and relaxing being at home don’t want to miss out on such healthful activity. From relaxing to preventing different ailments, these are great for various purposes. 

However, if you are first time in the market for a bathtub, then you may come across different terms that you never heard of.  Buying a bathtub without getting to know about them can be problematic in various ways. The first thing that you will notice about a bathtub is that these are single and double ended. What’s the real difference between them and which you should buy depends on various factors?

In this article, we are going to explain the difference between single ended shower bath and double ended bathtub.

What is a Single Ended Bath?

The term single ended may make you a little confused that is not the bathtub has to be two ends how a bath can have just a single end. It is simply a type of bathtub that has the bath filler or mixer on one end. That does not mean that if it would have a double-ended that will have the mixers on both ends. Simply useless to have them on both ends. Let us get on to the point. The single-ended bathtub has characteristics

  1. It has the bath filler or mixer on one of its ends. 

  2. The other end has the slopy edges shape for keeping the arms and cushion the shoulders, so that is the side that you will use for laying down into the bathtub. 

  3. It also means it is suitable for single-person use. 

How is Single Ended Shower Bath Different?

We have already explained these bathtubs in the last section. To understand the difference, we explain what other option you may have. The other type of bathtub design is double side ends bathtubs. But what are these, and what is the difference between baths?  We discuss it here.

  1. In contrary to the single ended baths, the double ended bathtubs are for a couple or two people. 

  2. But if for two people, one end already has bath filler. Is it not what can make a problem at the other end? The answer is no. The double-ended bath has bath filler in the middle rather than on either side, making it usable on both sides. 

  3. Another difference is that double ended has sloppy edges on both of its sides. So, you use them on either side without any problems. It can be with your partner or alone. 

What’s So Great About Single Ended Shower Bath

There are many great things about the single ended shower bath tub.

  • The first thing is that when you are single and have limited space in the bathroom. You want something that can fit into the place you want. In such cases, it is a reasonable option for you. 

  • The second important thing about this type of bath is that it is affordable and does not cost much.

  • In addition to that, you can use it as a shower bath by installing an overhead shower at either end, making it a shower bath. It will help you combine both the shower and baths into a single unit. And you will not have to spend any money on it as well. 

Want to Install a Single Ended Shower Bath?

After going through all the information provided in the last section. It will now be easier for you to decide whether a single ended shower bath is the right option for you. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at lower prices. 


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