6 Best Flowers To Gift Your Mother On A Special Day
Yeah, the market flowers have their place and all, but even if you stayed until the last minute, the online flower bouquets would arrive right at her door without any unnecessary hassle.

It's hard to find a gift that communicates how much your mum, grandma, sister, aunt, and so on, the special lady in your life means to you, but a bouquet of fresh blooms is fairly close. Choose between these varieties of brightly colored daisies, classic roses, overflowing orchids, and other beautiful varieties for Women's Day, Mother's Day, or her birthday gift that will steal her heart. Yeah, the market flowers have their place and all, but even if you stayed until the last minute, the flowers online bouquets would arrive right at her door without any unnecessary hassle. 

So, if you want to express your love and gratitude to your beautiful mom, your grandma, your kids' mother, or any mom you know who does a fantastic job, read on to learn about our top picks for the ideal flowers for her.


Roses are not only perfect for romantic relationships, but they can also be perfect for Mum! It's impossible to go past a traditional bouquet of beautiful roses no matter who the woman is and what date you're celebrating. Choose something lighter in your bouquets, such as a pink or even a peachy rose. Roses are always a perfect choice and are bound to make her happy if you are not sure what flowers to get her special day!


Orchids are often common when it comes to choosing flowers for mothers. These blooms, more of a plant than a bouquet, will last for a long time and be loved for several years to come. You can always get orchids in bouquets, for sure, and they will have an effect just as amazing. Make a statement with a beautiful bouquet ad order orchids online to present on her upcoming birthday or anniversary. Would you like to get a little more value for the money? These longer-lasting plants will help you show your mother just how much you care about buying your mother an orchid, which can easily keep flowering for months.


Carnations may be one of the most conventional flowers you may send your mother. In the first few years, white carnations were ceremonially associated with the festivities from the beginning of the celebrations. Nowadays, however, you don't need to feel constrained by the color, in their many other hues, carnations are vivid, expressive and very colorful.


Lilies add a touch of sophistication and fragrance to any bouquet when it comes to flowers for the mommies. These large blooms always come in buds to start with, but they are truly a marvel to behold once they open up. In specially-created bouquets or stylish arrangements in a glass vase, lilies are almost always included among other plants. A variety of subtle and bold colours are available for the beautiful blooms, so you can make her bouquet as stunning as your mom is.


Gerberas are a classic flower popular for expressing joy and happiness. They are perfect for adding cheer to an even more ceremonious day, particularly as they are said to be symbolic of their sweethearts in the case of children. This in itself makes them among the best flowers to send through online flower delivery in Gurgaon on any day to honor a mother.


Chrysanthemums are another classic flower for moms over the world. It's no wonder these are a common option, given that they even have "mum" in the name. Chrysanthemums can look fantastic on their own or in a mixed arrangement with other pretty flowers. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, so you can find the right one for sure.

Mother would probably love whatever flowers you pick at the end of the day, because they come from you! But to show her how much she means to you and to communicate your love and appreciation for everything she has done for you and taught you over the years, put some time and effort into finding the right flowers for her.


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