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Curtain hooks in Dubai are used by many people to hang their curtains and window coverings. These accessories are used in hotels, offices, and residential houses and help in hanging curtains, and drapes as well as to tie them and roll up or tie them in place. They can also be used for decorating the interiors of the rooms. There are several types of curtain hooks in Dubai, from simple wooden hooks to metal and plastic varieties. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Oldest Type of Curtain Rods

Wooden curtain rods are the oldest types of curtain rods used in Dubai. These rods are made from cedar, teak, or mahogany wood. They are sturdy and have elegant designs. Wooden curtain rods are available in different lengths. The length should be chosen according to the curtains that will hang from it. The most popular style is the Indian knot style, which looks most impressive.

Metal rods, on the other hand, are made from iron, brass, aluminum, or steel and are very stylish. Some of these rods have beautiful engraved patterns on the top, which adds a touch of elegance to the curtains hung on them. Steel rods are lightweight, strong, and are available in different finishes. These are not only used for curtain rods in Dubai, but for other accessories as well.

Plastic Hooks

Plastic curtain hooks, on the other hand, are lightweight and have an attractive appearance. Curtain rods and hooks of this type are available in varied colors and textures. The hanger that is attached to the rod can be made of plastic or metal. The roller that is used for pulling up or lowering the curtain is also made of metal or wood. These are available in many colors and styles.

Roller curtains rods are also very stylish. They look nice hanging from the hook in the ceiling. There are metal rods and hooks with decorated frames that add to the elegance of the decor of the room.

Special Types of Curtain Rods

There are special types of curtain hooks and rods that are designed for hanging curtains in children's rooms. The curtains rods are usually shorter than those needed for adults. These are usually used in children's bedrooms, where the curtains need to be pulled very easily. The curtain rod should be strong and the cloth of the curtain should not wrinkle easily. These types of curtain rods are available at different stores in Dubai.

Different types of hooks and rods are available in stores. Some of them are painted with beautiful pictures to decorate the hooks. Decorating of the kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms with these decorative accessories are a great idea. There are several options available to decorate the interiors of the houses.

Use of Curtain Hooks in Kitchens

These are also used extensively in kitchens. They are useful for quickly lowering or raising the curtains during the cooking process. There are hooks with ornate designs that are used for decorating the kitchen. These are not only used for kitchen purposes but also for decorating living rooms and bedrooms.

Many types of rods and Curtain hooks are used for hanging curtains in Dubai houses. There are many stores that sell these accessories at reasonable rates. There are stores that offer discounts on curtains, rods and hooks. A person can also browse the Internet to find the right product. Most important products which are used for decorating the house include curtain rods, curtain rings, and curtain track. The curtains and the hooks should match the interiors of the house.

Use of Different Colors of the Fabric

For the purpose of decorating the interiors of the hotel rooms, curtains are used extensively. Different colors of the fabrics are used to decorate hotel rooms. For example, red curtains are used extensively in the corridors of the hotels. Pink curtains are used in the bathrooms of the hotel.

Some of the fabric types, which are used widely by the tourists in Dubai are silk, cotton, velvet, jute, and Rayon.You can buy these curtain hooks from curtain blinds shop in Dubai  These curtain hooks are available in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and textures. Some of the textures that are available are linen, jute, cotton, silk, and satin. Some of the designer names which are known for manufacturing luxury fabrics are DKNY, BC London, Burberry, Dior, Chanel, Prada, Versa, Fendi.

Use of Bay Curved Rods, Straight Rod and Square Rods

Some of the curtain rods which are used in Dubai are bay curved rods, straight rod, round rods, and square rods. People can find these types of rods at most of the local stores. An extra decoration can be given to the hotel rooms through curtains or hooks. The curtain rods and hooks can be bought from the local store, outlet stores, shopping malls, or online shops. They can be bought according to the theme of the hotel rooms.


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