Exclusive and Handpicked Floral Epitomes for your Indian Wedding
Revamp your wedding venue with trendy and metaphorical floral décor. Choose your favourite flowers and enlighten the gracefulness of your functions with their natural aroma.
Take the first step into your newly married life with rejuvenating flowers. Travel to the land of ecstatic bliss and enjoyable memories in the lap of exotic floral collections.

“Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nuptial ceremonies remain incomplete without splendid floral décor. And Indian weddings landscape this scenic beauty within its ritualistic delicacies and flavours.

Ranging from traditional jaimala garlands to mandap decorations, from venue gate to the flowers sprouting on the seating-spacetable tops, each wedding characterizes a dazzling floral mosaic to illuminateits ethos.

Unique floral connections embrace the wedding season with its all-encompassing and ecstatic beauty. They spread their blooming aura in and around the festive corners.

Therefore, wedding companies in Delhi integrate distinctive floral adornment to your wedding functions, irrespective of community and religion.

In fact, you may be surprised to know about the metaphoric elegance reflected in each garland of flower. Every flower has its own story, which bears a fruitful addition to your wedding function.

 Let us blossom your knowledge on this fascinating idea and enlighten you with the best floral decorations for your wedding. Here are few wedding floral options which you may prefer for your nuptial ceremony.


These lilac shaded flowers could be a wonderful addition to your wedding. Their versatile gracefulness and affordability make them an outstanding choice for your special occasion.

You can optimize the vibrancy of your mandap with chrysanthemum blossoms and enhance the serenity of your surroundings. 


Couple your wedding ceremony with white sparkling tuberoses to amplify the convivial atmosphere at your function.

Also denoted as ‘rajnigandha,’ this floral décor is asymbol of joy and pleasure, the two most significant notions of any nuptial bonding in India.


It is time to welcome auspiciousness and blessings to your life with white fragrant Jasmine flowers. Known by different names, such as mallipo and chameli, these budding blossoms epitomize prosperity and success in married life.

Besides, Indian brides generally braid jasmine flowers with their hair for their immemorial ceremony.


Freesias are exquisite floral collections for an awesome wedding on cards. These flowers have a longer shelf life as compared to others.

Easy and cost-effective to procure, adore your wedding venue with these blossoms and raise the pious flavours of your nuptials.


Go violet with a gorgeous looking Delphiniums collection for your nuptial ceremony. Decorate your venue entrance and exclusive seating places with wild and royal Larkspur flowers to raise its positive ambience.

Carrying a magnificent physical appeal and sensitive to touch, nothing can be more impeccable than their wholesome addition.Personifying love and care, these flowers could be your special token of remembrance of your bountiful wedding moments.


Last but not least; add the charm of Gerbera Daisies while getting formally hitched. These bright and rustic floral decoration features as a paragon of purity and innocence.

Available in cheerful shades of pastels, these flowers complement your companionship with cent percent trust and loyalty.

 What’syour Wedding Flower?

Now, the question is: What is your floral symbol and which flower would you like to make a part of your wedding ceremony?

The answer to this is simple: All about wedding

Yes, you read it right. All about wedding, one of the premium wedding companies in Delhi is at your service. Our creative team of wedding planners customize your floral selection and translate your dreamy blossoms into reality.

Thus, choose your favourite flower and let us convert it into a mindfully decorative saga. Team your wedding jingles with reputed and branded wedding companies in Delhi and wait for the floral showers to bless your married life.

Get in touch with all about wedding and experience a remarkable and appreciation-gathering wedding on your cards.


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