Oprah Winfrey's mother is still a teenager, is not married, and is looking for work as a cleaning lady.

His fiery Golden Globes speech fueled rumors about a possible presidential bid. Back to the story of the star and the ingredients of the media rush.

It was the media rush of the week across the Atlantic. At the Golden Globes platform on Sunday night, when she came to seek an award for her entire career, host, actress, and star producer Oprah Winfrey gave a fiery speech in support of the #MeToo movement, these women who denounce sexual violence.

"  A new day is on the horizon,  " she concluded, fist raised, to applause. While Hollywood ceremonies have turned into anti-Trump forums for over a year, it didn't take any longer for Oprah Winfrey to raise insane hope: what if she was the next President of States -United?

All week, the hypothesis of his candidacy was considered, debated, decried in the media of the country while the concerned remained silent. The "buzz" made its way to the White House where Donald Trump was forced to comment: the president said he was convinced that Oprah would not be a candidate but that if it was the case, he would beat her.

From a small town in Mississippi to Chicago

To understand this excitement around Oprah, you have to look back on her extraordinary story. Long before the television sets, far from Hollywood, Her mother is still a teenager, is not married, and is looking for work as a cleaning lady.

Little Oprah will therefore first be raised by her grandmother. A pious woman who quickly teaches her to read but who lives in such poverty that she will make clothes for the little girl from sacks of potatoes.

At six, Oprah joined her mother in Wisconsin. Several years of nightmare begin: Oprah will reveal to have been raped several times from the age of 9 by men close to her mother. At 14, she gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. His mother then sends him to his father, this time in Tennessee. This is where her talents as a speaker will be revealed.

In high school and then at university, the young girl is noticed and collaborates with a local radio station. At 19, she became the first black presenter of television news. The youngest too. The job offers to present morning shows will make her travel again: first to Baltimore, then to Chicago, wherein 1984 she launched the "AM Chicago".

How much is Oprah Winfrey Net worth?

In a month, the talk show became the most-watched in the United States. It was the start of huge success on American television. For twenty-five years, Oprah receives on her set the biggest stars of the country who confide in her and share their secrets with her - and she sometimes hers.

The show, produced in 1988 by Harpo (Oprah's own studios), claims up to 40 million viewers. At the same time, the TV host also conquers the big screen: her first film role remains the best known, that of Sofia in Steven Spielberg’s "Color Purple", for which she will be nominated for the Oscars and the Golden Globes. The animator is also illustrated by her charitable commitments, particularly in the southern United States and in South Africa.


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