The harmful air can also prove to be bad causing respiratory problems as well as heart diseases and cancer. So, it is recommended that you install air conditioning Sydney for the circulation of fresh air.

Do you have any idea that the quality of air present in your apartment or home can be a lot more dangerous and deteriorating than that of the air present on the outside? This is a known fact. 

Lack of ventilation, high levels of humidity, and several household products present are providing to be a peril for the air you breathe in. Even you can have a problem in your eyes, throat, as well as be prone to nose irritations followed by headache, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. 

The harmful air can also prove to be bad causing respiratory problems as well as heart diseases and cancer. So, it is recommended that you install air conditioning Sydney for the circulation of fresh air.

Poor indoor air quality is due to the accumulation of pollutants - smoke from combustion, paints, carbon monoxide, mold, and dust. If there is not enough ventilation, pollutants cannot go out and this makes people uncomfortable. 

In the long run, this may cause respiratory or skin diseases. This article discusses how to keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

You need to follow the steps we have mentioned here to improve the quality of the indoor air at your home:

Manage mold growth

Mold growth in the interiors of the house is one of the aspects that affect indoor air quality. Usually, excess moisture and water leaks from plumbing encourage the growth of molds and other biological contaminants. 

If you ignore mold growth, it can create serious health issues such as respiratory problems, an increase in allergic symptoms and other health problems. Therefore, fix water leaks in roofs, ceilings, pipes and provide enough ventilation throughout the home.

Indoor air pollutants

Since indoor air quality is affected by pollutants such as mold, dust mites, animal fur, smoke from combustion, formaldehyde from appliances, radon and asbestos from wall materials, you should control these pollutants. 

Regular maintenance of mattresses, carpets and clear blockage of air vents of the furnace, ensures that combustion fumes go out.

Design garage system

Indoor air gets contaminated if the design of the garage system allows automobiles' fumes to enter the home. As automobiles are sources of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, they create suffocation. Therefore, renovate the garage system so that combustion fumes do not enter the home.

Open the windows

You need to make sure that you are inviting in outdoor air in your home. So, ensure that you open every window that is present in your house. Also, turn on your ceiling fan as this way the air will be well-circulated within your home.

Invest in households

You can bring in some magic with the placement of at least one plant in every 10 square yards. You can also go ahead removing the dangerous toxins that are present in your home with the planting of lilies, bamboo palms, ivy, and others.

Periodic maintenance of HVAC

People spend maximum time in their home. The probability of health issues is more if the HVAC system is not maintained well. 

The air duct of the HVAC system or ducted air conditioning Sydney is a major component and it gets contaminated by dust, mold and other biological contaminants. Thus, air ducts become a major problem in the degradation of indoor air quality when they are not maintained properly.

Take off your shoes

Shoes make the entryway for germs and dirt. You need to store your shoes in your entrance or someplace to avoid the tracks of mud or dirt all over your home. 

This is a noteworthy change that you can allow in your home. This way you are also saving in a lot of time that is consumed by sweeping and vacuuming your home.

Green cleaning products

When you choose to have cleaning supplies they are usually filled up with toxic chemicals thereby leading you into an indoor air that proves to be harmful to your lungs and we recommend you to go ahead with the products that are non-toxic.

Vacuum and dust often

You need to sweep off every dirt, hair and other debris that are usually scattered on the floor at least once every week and more often when you have pets in your home. You can consider buying a vacuum that has HEPA filter in it making it effective in sucking in every dirt and dust that is present within.

Purchase an air purifier

Tobacco smoke, dander, pollen, molds, and others can be effectively sucked up with the help of an air purifier. This is also the most effective way of cleaning up the indoor air.

Choosing the right flooring material

As part of home improvement, many of us look for a variety of flooring material without realizing their threat to indoor air quality. Flooring materials like vinyl flooring release toxic chemicals in the building which are not good for health. 

Therefore, you need to consider flooring material that offers allergens-free certification like hardwood and cork flooring, that are durable and resist the growth of contaminants.



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