From my own set of analyses, here are five important reminders if you also have a loved one struggling with dialysis during the pandemic.

The corona hype still has not died which is why if you are a kidney patient it’s important to consider the lethality of coronavirus. My favorite uncle who had his kidney transplant 10 years ago, got corona just when the break of pandemic eased on us. Ever since then I have been talking to several nephrologists, transplant surgeon, and kidney specialist in Karachi I realized that there are some serious risk of illnesses if you get infected with the coronavirus. From my own set of analyses, here are five important reminders if you also have a loved one struggling with dialysis during the pandemic.

The treatment should be kept going

This is very crucial and important for dialysis patients because even one less session can affect the rest of the sessions. One less dialysis treatment can pose some serious health risks. This is why during the peak of the pandemic, the dialysis centers were still functional. Some medics even tried giving h dialysis treatment to people from home. So if you have stopped the treatment put it back on your schedule immediately, your treatment should be your topmost priority.

Be in constant communication with your dialysis Centre

Dialysis center is changing their work schedules according to the instructions issued by the CDC. Some centers have limited accompanying visitors whereas some patients are advised to wait in their cars instead of crowding the waiting area. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, everything has become uncertain. This is why being in constant communication with your Centre can actually help you with arranging your schedules accordingly. For example, if due to some pandemic emergency your dialysis centre shuts down, you can at least know this information beforehand and can arrange a different dialysis Centre for yourself meanwhile. Either way, what most important is that you stay informed.

Be brutally aware of the COVID-19 signs and symptoms

By far we all know that the COVID-19 symptoms spread fast. The symptoms appear within 2-14 days after the exposure. If you think that you have one of the main symptoms you should report to your dialysis centre right away. This is very important as you would not want some of the symptoms to be drawn to other patients there. Your Centre is going to guide you likewise. If you have early symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath you should get tested for COVID-19 straight away. Even if you are not sure about your symptoms you should avoid going to the center. Please refrain from showing up at the Centre if you suspect that you are symptomatic.

Keep your supply of medicines

Talk to your doctor or your pharmacist to keep a steady supply of medicines to limit your trips to the pharmacy. Similarly, make sure that you have many kidney-friendly foods at your home. Keep a few medical tools near you in case of any emergency. There is an emergency diet on the circulation as well by the government, you might as well check that out. I got mine from Boulevard hospital.

Follow all the protocols

Whatever your government instructs you to do, make sure you follow social distancing and proper hygiene protocol at your home. Remember to wash your hands and keep enough supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Also avoid touching your eyes, nose, and hands. If you have severe symptoms you should call your Centre right away. They will certainly help you in arranging something feasible for your dialysis.

At this point in time, the virus is still there. Many people are still getting affected by the lethal virus. Communities and medical centers are all coming together during this crisis to help people get through this pandemic in one piece. Make sure to take advantage of the hip being offered to you.  The COVID is still very much lethal for patients with kidney issues. This is why it’s important to take precautionary measures before it gets too late for you.

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