In modern American society, the concept of a nuclear family is outdated. Single fathers may also want to become fathers, in which case the gestational surrogacy process is the best option. More and more men are opting for surrogacy to start their own families.

Before beginning this journey, you need to ensure that you understand the following:

#1 Which Surrogacy Option to Pursue

There are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational. You have to decide which type suits you best. If you want to pursue traditional surrogacy, you will need to find a friend or family member. In this form, the traditional surrogate will donate her eggs and offer to carry the pregnancy. Before following through on this option, it is necessary to consult a surrogacy attorney in order to decide on parentage. Due to the numerous legal obstacles that are possible, most single fathers prefer not to pursue traditional surrogacy.


With gestational surrogacy, you will have to find a gestational surrogate and an egg donor. The costs may be slightly higher with this type of surrogacy, but it is a more appealing option for most intended parents mainly because there is no relationship between the baby and the carrier.

#2 Be thoroughly familiar with Surrogacy Laws Prevailing in your State

As a single father,it is extremely important for you to be familiar with your State’s surrogacy laws, especially concerning parental rights. A reputable surrogacy attorney will guide you through the process and will do what’s necessary to ensure your parental rights are secured prior to starting this journey.

#3 Decide Your Level of Involvement

Many intended fathers like to be a part of the surrogate’s pregnancy journey. They want to attend most of the medical appointments and be in regular communication with the surrogate. This will help them develop a close connection with the surrogate mother. It also helps the intended father get the most out of this experience.

#4 Rely on your Support System

The journey to becoming a father is both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are days you will feel excited and on some days you might wonder whether you will be a good dad.During these moments, it helps to have the support of your closest friends and family members. You can also become a part of support groups for intended fathers. This will help you cope with what lies ahead. In addition, you can speak to other fathers who’ve had children via gestational surrogacy.

#5 Find a Reputable Surrogacy Agency

A surrogacy agency is your primary source of support and guidance. The counselor who is assigned to you will work closely with you to ensure your parental dreams come true. To find the best surrogacy agency, speak to your friends or family members who have used one in the past. You may also conduct an online search for an agency close to you. Be sure to read their reviews as well.Lastly, make an appointment and visit the surrogacy agency.


If you’re a single father who wants to pursue surrogacy, please contact Rite Options.


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