The blog talks about Trump’s upcoming presidential elections. It highlights how his celebrity supporters can help him garner more votes.

One of the latest trending news around the globe is that the present president of the United States, Donald Trump is facing impeachment charges. If you do not know it,well, you just might be under the greatest rock ever. And if you do know, the none thing that you can deduce is that this impeachment of his will surely affect his hold over the upcoming elections. And for better or worse, history has repeated itself just as it had with Bill Clinton in 1998 and Andrew Johnson in 1868.

However, we are not here to talk about history. We are here to talk about Trump. Or, to speak more properly, since we have mentioned the effect of his impeachment on the upcoming elections, we will be talking about how celebrities who support Trump might garner him the votes which he is sure to have lost during his tenure.

Here are 5 ways in which celebrities supporting Trump might turn out fruitful for him:

1.     Popularity: Perhaps, the most important way in which celebrities who support Trump can bring in more supporters is by their sheer popularity. Hollywood stars like Jon Voight, Clint Eastwood, Dean Cain,and Stacey Dash, to name a few, are all supporters of Trump with a huge fan following. This itself can act as a major catalyst for Trump’s upcoming election campaigns (impeachment won’t remove Trump from his present office the US president).

The fact that these are all popular figures known, frankly, all over the country, some even having more popularity than Trump, can land in more votes for him.


2.     Influence: This point is a result of the previous one, popularity. Now, personalities like Charlie Sheen (actor), Mike Tyson ( World Champion Boxer), Kanye West (singer), Ted Nugent (lead guitarist,The Amboy Dukes), and many other such celebrities that endorse trump have all a strong influence upon their fans. This gives them a way to project their support for Trump onto their audience in a non-political manner which does have higher chances of creating an intended influence on them. This can certainly make Trump fortunate.


3.     Funding: In any political campaign, funding is essential. And needless to say, that all the celebrities that support Trump make a lot of money out of their renowned work, personalities like Stephen Baldwin, Tila Tequila, Hulk Hogan, only makes it easier for trump to organize and hold campaigns in an easier manner. Not that he does not have money to fund his own campaigns, but it is a fact that there is no such thing as ‘enough money and neither is there anything such as ‘enough campaign’. Such funding is needed for community service projects, expenses for campaign meets and trips, gifts and donations, and many other things.


4.     Online promotions: Today,promotions have taken a whole new form and platform as well. While one is the all-time known verbal promotions, which can be done accompanying the President or onone’s own in election campaigns. Another kind of promotion is online promotions i.e. promotions on social media. Today social media allows one to reach allover the world within a few seconds, which itself is a great means offar-reaching promotions, that too within less time. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, almost all celebrities who support Trump are on at least one of these social media platforms. Furthermore, all of them have a huge number of followers which enables them to promote trump to a large extent and garner votes for him.


All these points show how celebrities, who support trump,can play a significant role is his upcoming elections. Despite facing impeachment, Donald Trump still might be able to regain his stronghold over the presidential office with the help of his celebrity supporters.


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