In this blog, we have listed 5 ideal ways of teaching your child how to share. Read them out.

How many times have we come across children who find it difficult to share things with others especially other children? This is part of the normal development process in a child. However, leaving this unheeded will turn out to be difficult in the longer run. But then how to make your child speak their heart out? The primary step here is accepting this fact that would thereby help your child grow into a generous person. There are some top schools in Gurgaon that proclaim to be the best! Now as children need to be imbibed with moral education at an early age, many top schools in Gurugram have come up with techniques that teach them how to share, care and enjoy. In this blog, we have listed 5 ideal ways of teaching your child how to share. Read them out:

1.      Teach Them via Playing Games

Indulge them in games that require them to share things with others or play as a team. For example, you can ask the tiny tots to share toys, blocks or pencils, etc., with everyone in the class. Or ask them to distribute it among others. Like, give the flower to your best friend or the teacher. This will convey the message that sharing is normal and doing so brings in more joy and smiles.

2.     Don’t Put in Force

Forcing the children to share can turn the tables against the teachers. Rather create an environment that encourages the kids to share more and more. Children happen to be possessive about their things. What may be just a toy for an adult would be a valuable thing for a toddler? Respect their possessiveness and rather encourage them in a subtle way to share.

3.     Use Mirror Theory

The best way to set an example is by acting ityourself so that it reflects and is mirrored by the kids. Share your lunch with the kids in the class. And use the word “SHARE” when doing so. The kids will surely mirror the teachers’ actions later.

4.     Do Not Punish Them

Punishing them will leave a negative impact on their minds, whereby they would further refrain from sharing things. Rather try to teach them with love so that they follow it obediently.

5.     Make It Fun for Them

Build competitive activities and work together in solving jigsaw puzzles by taking turns to add pieces. Indulging in activities like sharing tiffin, watering plants, etc. will make the kids follow the same and thereby learn the art of sharing.

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