Al Barari has made a lot of new projects that will be creating a lot of multi-faceted communities.

Since some years, Al Barari has made a lot of new projects that will be creating a lot of multi-faceted communities. It is located across Nad al Sheba, which community is a two-hundred and sixteen palatial mansions accordingly, which are surrounded by many beautiful and lush flora, fauna. It is a gated and private area which has gardens that are beautifully themed along with huge acres of beautifully landscaped lakes, freshwater streams, cascades, waterways that are created with sustainable practices and eco-conscious developments. This place is also home to the one for body spas and stuff, Body Language, which is a gym, and The Farm as well. It is an organic farm which caters to the concept of oftable dining. It was founded by Zaal Mohammed Zaal, Al Barari has its own microclimate. The high-density planting of the area keeps the ground cooler and reduced enabling of evaporation the usage of less water. The irrigation is managed by the control system which is state of the art and is a centralized control system, which communicates with irrigation constantly. This enables that the application of water is precise and there is no waste of water either. All of these efforts have resulted in the creation of a gorgeous botanical reserve. Itis an enclave to live in for those people who are rich and famous in Dubai.

Fast-forwarding some years in this community, which was viewed as a reclusive one initially. It is set to invite greater numbers of residents with facilities that would cater toa better community in a short notice. The phase 2 development of Al Barari will be seeing the creation of a hotel resort, school, medical and retail offering as well, with further developments of residential areas and apartments such as the Seventh Heaven and Ashjar. Seventh Heaven is a lovely apartment community, which was developed to host one to four-bedroom apartments, sky villas and penthouses. These buildings are intended in a flowing style ensuring that there is a maximum view of light as well. These units start at an area that is already built up at 1,700 sq ft and lush landscapes. Each home has a distinctive view of its own. Glass walls from the floor to the ceiling, inviting the outside inside. One of the best advantages of living in this area is this. Each of the apartments is designed with minute details of its own and continue to be intimate towards nature. There is also ventilation and a green lobby as well. It is a place for relaxation and contemplation. The bespoke artisans are invited here to share their creations with the community. Seventh heaven will be based on two floors entirely and dedicated to the F&B retail outlets as well. These two floors comprise of a daycare for the kids, a book store, bank, laundry, organic shop, laundry, restaurants, a café and a lot more.

 Ashjar is a low- rise building community. It is both low-density and low-rise. It has only a few apartments per floor, which are made of nine low-rise building combined together. This community is surrounded by lush fauna and flora as well. It is truly world-class. The best also consists of another section of modern villas, which are designed contemporarily with clean white finishing and bright airy rooms. The finishing that has been done within the nest is exceptional and the residents have already started moving in here with the lakes and greenery. The villas are crafted beautifully with lakes and park views. They are made with the highest standard and a luxurious living along with a private and tranquil location. The nest encourages a pace that is more relaxed and slower. It has left an indelible mark on the captivating landscape of Al Barari, which makes it a plus point. With the second phase that has been planned and is to be completed within the next five years. Developments such as this are ushering towards a new way of living in Dubai. After all, it was never famous for its environmental credentials.


It is not located very far from Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens. It is a hub for young and creative professionals. It is designed by T.Zed Architects and this development also has its very own creative hub as well. Moreover, it has forty-one different layouts for every apartment. This development is so openly planned, and it can also be used to develop their own development and host several facilities in the plan as well.


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