Quitting a job to start your beloved own business is a good quality in these conditions.

What are you doing?

This is the main thing that we should know, What you are doing and how your performance is going on in your field! this will help you to make your self stronger mentally and motivated. 

What is your routine?

Your daily routine directly attached to you and your business health. If you are so busy in your daily routine by cause of job and you are not able to give time to your own business so that is an alarming situation for both Your JOB and your Business it will directly attack your commits and your Reputation.

Know your Market Value!

You are quitting your job! this is a big decision you have to think multiple times that what you will do after quitting your job!

Do you have a clientele?

Do you have good PR in your market?

Do you save some money for your risk-taking factor?

Do you have an investor?

What business you will start?

How you will grow?

How your skills will grow?

Have you done any project before as a single person?

and many more questions are in your head that what is going to happen! Oh my God! My decision will hurt me? 

Know your market value first and be prepared for the future risk and this is nothing if you follow all the feasibility steps! 


Choosing a Market OR field to start a business!

Assume you are working in a reputed software house as a Software engineer and you are starting a Medical Store! you will be stuck in this situation and will gain loss rather than profit!

It is a foolish thing to follow!

You should use your head before starting a business which you will do I know you are a great person man! but literally there are some people around us they are not doing the right thing in the right way. Your saved money is your asset! use that wisely, and start a business in that field where you are at least master and you cannot be stuck in normal things Yeah! you don't know everything but you are used to with the normal things and can overcome from a big issue by doing some research 

Patience and Hardwork

When you quit a job! you have to be very mature and calm to easily think that how you will start work which you have planned! 

Be calm and cool with your team and motivate them! You are a leader now! 

If you want to be successful in anything remember these two things and i suggest you write this your personal diary!

 First thing,  Always seek to benefit others

and the second thing, And always be honest!

if you have these two qualities nothing can stop you to be successful in your life!

Wish you very best of luck for your future and your business!


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