Bright summer backyard, birds chirping, my mini 3-ft fountain showering its shimmering water in the corner. I was on my favorite bamboo chair which I had bought because of the pandemic for online classes

Bright summer backyard, birds chirping, my mini 3-ft fountain showering its shimmering water in the corner. I was on my favorite bamboo chair which I had bought because of the pandemic for online classes. I was searching the internet in order to HND assignments writing on back to school after COVID-19.Remote learning has been safe and relaxing. But I thought, this pandemic will be over one day, and we’ll all have to return to our institutes, what then?

 What Impacts Did the Pandemic Have on The Education System?

The Coronavirus Pandemic caused a massive in fluently impact on the education system.

·        The wave of E-learning had to be adopted because the institutions had to, not because they wanted to.

·        The pandemic also caused a shift with regards to health and hygiene concern.

·        A majority of North-American and European people are still unwilling to make their children go back to normal system of studying.

12 Tips for Schools to prepare for Post COVID-191.     Strict Hygiene Maintenance

All the schools, colleges, and universities should have their prime focus on taking care of the place’s hygiene as they will soon start to reopen. Ranging from classrooms to bathrooms, all must havea cleaning staff always prepared to wipe off any speckle of dirt.

2.      Giving Especial Attention to Cafeteria

The cafeteria of an institute is a place where people gather the most and where the rules are most expected to be broken. Ensuring the students and the teachers abide the social distancing rules. Make sure the food serving and making process is completely clean and all the cooks are following the SOPs.

3.      Having a Temperature Checker

Besides all the social distancing precautions, having a COVID-19 temperature checker can be helpful for creating a safer environment since fever is one of the first symptoms of the Coronavirus.

4.      Ensuring Everyone Follows the Campus SOPs

Strict vigilance is highly required on every campus corner. Use CCTV cameras and co-ordinate with staff for monitoring every nook and corner of the building to make sure everyone stays safe by following the social distancing SOPs.

5.      Giving Priority to Masks

Wearing safety masks can prevent dozens of diseases from spreading from one individual to another. Hence contributing to a safer environment.

6.      Distributing Hand Sanitizers Across the Campus

Whether it’s the bathroom or the class room,or even the auditorium, the administration of the institution should distribute hand sanitizers for fostering a hygienic environment and ensuring maximum safety.

7.      Distributing Hand Gloves

Just like sanitizers and masks, hand glove should be given priority and a mandatory item for every student and staff.  The institute should either provide hand  gloves go the students and staff by themselves or should put strict policy on bringing their own hand gloves, without which the entry would be prohibited.

8.      Prohibiting Mass Gathering in Campus

Hallways, auditoriums and corridors should not be having any type gathering of more than 4 to 5 people. Neither in Cafeterias, nor in play areas, or the gym or swimming pools etc. 

9.      Having an In-Campus Medical Facility

The educational institutes need the medical facility now more than ever. Having a tea of qualified medical professionals increase the chances of dealing positively with any unforeseen emergency.

10.   Safe Money Transactions

This point if for campuses with ATM machines and Fee departments, where daily monetary transactions are made. People ithighly vital to conduct safe transactions from ATM to person, or person toperson.

11. Encouraging Mental Health Awareness

We all are aware of the mental affects onpeople, especially the youth during this quarantine. Many were suffering to depressions anxiety. The education fraternity should encourage seminars on mental health awareness and endeavor in healing the students.

12. Having an In-Campus Physiatrist  

With connecting to the point no. 10, having an in-campus physiatrist might not be a bad idea in dealing with student’s mental stress.

In the End,

I’ve been hearing multiple trust issues from students while providing academic writing service UK and USA regarding going back to school. With the right arrangement by the educational institutes, learning can be normalized in the coming days.


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