Since 2004, the year Facebook was launched, it’s popularity gained exponential rise making it the most used social media platform.

So, this is no surprise that Facebook tops the list when it comes to social media platforms and is the third most visited site in the world.

Facebook has evolved extraordinarily by stepping out of its shoes and integrating more options like marketing, shopping, and many more. 

From being a visual content and messaging app, it turned out into a business platform in a tremendous way. 

Thus, it emerged as a digital Workfront for many small businesses and new entrepreneurs entering the work field.

Embed Facebook Feed

Embedding Facebook feed on the website serves the purpose of marketing in a wider range of audiences. It allows you to bridge the gap between the social audience and your business and hence boosts engagement and conversion rates by integrating your social as well as work audience.

Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed On Website

1. Extended User Engagement - We all are familiar with the fact that Facebook is a diverse and dynamic platform which encourages UGC (User Generated Content) as the framework for business growth. 

UGC plays an important role in building brand-user relationships, which in turn boosts the user engagement on a website.

As a result, integrating Facebook feed with a website not only makes your website look more attractive and inviting but also it gives the users more content to explore.

It allows users to visit your Facebook profile without even leaving your website thus increasing their dwell time.

2. Showcase Social Influence

Facebook feed as a Social Proof!

Have you ever thought about how your social media post can help you with your business and how can people even trust your brand without even knowing you before?

Embed your Facebook feed to your website and give them proof of your social media influence and make them trust you.

 But, proof of what?

Customers tend towards believing others of things they are saying or doing. They even believe that what others are using is fantastic. So, when people use your hashtags or tag you for something, they generate social proof.

They thus have proof that customers are using the product and are liking it to the extent that they are uploading it on social media.

This works as a piece of amazing evidence for our brand and hence converts visitors into buyers.

3. Enhanced credibility & reliability of brand

Trust-building is the major element in the growth of business and customers always look for more reliable products.

When we provide them with proof of its usage, customer’s reliability towards the product gets increased which allows him to change his purchase decision. This further increases the credit score of the business and its ROI (revenue over interest).

4. Adds to the authenticity of the brand

After showcasing the social proof, people tend to build a level of trust towards the brand. People also post on their social media accounts like Facebook when they love the brand. 

Embedding Facebook feed with all such posts from customers adds to the authenticity of the brand which in the long run adds to the brand’s reputation. 

 5. Improves website presentation

In today’s scenario, social media addiction is touching heights and 30% of internet users use Facebook more than once a day.

Imagine, integrating this addictive pinch of salt to your website. Sounds great!

It makes your website look more professional, interesting, and vibrant to your visitors inviting them to dive into your range of products/services. 

In other words, it enhances the interface of your website by improving its presentation.

6. Drive conversions and improve sales

The more appealing the website is, the more visitors will be attracted to it. Be it any information site or an e-commerce site, integrating it with Facebook feed is an incredible approach to upgrade your market.

By incorporating social media to your website, you are more close to converting point-of-attraction into point-of-sale.

It boosts the customer’s urge of buying a product /service and hence giving them the final push.

Therefore, this hike in conversion rate will in-turn improve the sales rate and will help grow our business into a better version.


Facebook being the most used social media site, is the best ground for a business to expand its reach. Social media is the pool of UGC and thus helps the business to maximize its user engagement when incorporated with the website.

As it is cost-effective, this marketing strategy plays a vital role in business expansion by displaying UGC at the interface where the customer is just a click away from his desire.

Thus, embedding Facebook feed on website targets towards growth and sales enhancement of the business.


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