Gmail has offered an advanced feature by using which, now people can send smart replies to all emails that they receive.

Gmail is the world's most famous email app. This email app has almost 1.4 billion accounts. Google is resigning the email app by introducing new features. Gmail has also introduced ‘Smart Reply’ for users. This is an AI-based feature of the Gmail. By using this AI-based feature of the Gmail, you can provide suggested responses to the emails quickly. This essential feature of Gmail is user-friendly and time-saving. This essential feature of Gmail is not enabled by default. You will have to enable it manually. Here, we will discuss how to enable it and the benefits of the smart reply.

How To Enable Smart Reply In Gmail On The Desktop?

  • If you are using your Gmail account on the desktop, you can enable the ‘Smart Reply’ by following these tips;
  • First of all, you should log into your account in which you want to enable the ‘Smart Reply’.
  • After logging into your account on the desktop, you will see the gear icon on the upper right corner of the page.
  • You should click on it. After clicking on it, a menu for settings into your email account will appear. In this list, you will not find the tab for the ‘Smart Reply’.
  • To find the‘Smart Reply’ tab, you will have to click on ‘See All Settings’. After clicking on ‘See All Settings’, you will see lots of settings. Now, you scroll down the page.
  • When you scroll down the page, you will find the tabs of ‘Smart Compose’ and ‘Smart Composepersonalization’.
  •  In the ‘SmartCompose’ tab, you should click on the ‘Writing Suggestions On’. On the other hand, in the ‘Smart Compose Personalization’, you will have to click on the personalization On’.

If you are using G-Suite, you will not find this option. Its reason is that this option will be available for the admin only. You should contact the admin of the organization and request him to enable it. The admin of the G-Suite has access to enable it for all the organization members. After enabling it, you will receive suggestions about the replies of the messages. This thing will also provide you with suggestions about the autofill sentences. These suggestions will be available based on your writing style.

How To Enable Smart Reply In Gmail On The Android Or IOS App?

If you are using your email account on the Android or IOS app, you can also enable SmartReply mode. To enable the Smart Reply mode, you should follow the following tips as shared by a dissertation help firm;

  • When you open the Gmail app, you will see the hamburger icon on the upper left corner of the screen. You should click on it. When you click on it, it will open the side drawer on your mobile screen.
  • After opening the side drawer on your mobile’s screen, you should scroll down the page. At the end of the page, you will see the ‘Settings’ tab. You should click on it.
  • After clicking on it, it will require permission about the account on which you want to make the required changing. You should click on your desired account.
  • After that, anew page will appear on your mobile’s screen. On this page, you will see a list of different menus. You should find out the ‘Smart Reply’ or ‘Smart Compose’.After finding this option, you should toggle its mode on.

After turning on these settings on your Android or IOS device, it will start to show suggestions about the replies based on your writing style.

What It Looks Like?

After enabling Smart Reply on their phones, most of the people don’t know how it will work. Its working procedure is very simple. When you are going to compose an email, it will start to suggest words based on your writing style. Now, most of the people also think that how to select these words. The selection procedure of these words is also easy. If you are composing the email on the desktop, you can add these suggestions just by clicking on accept the suggestions tab. On the other hand, if you are composing an email on your android phone, you will have to swipe right to add the suggested phrases into the message. It is also the best way to get suggestions about the subject of the email. For this reason, you should try to start the email composing process by leaving the subject line empty. The smart compose will get an idea about the content of the email. After getting an idea about the content of the email, it will suggest the best headline for your email. All of these suggestions will be available to the users based on the AI features of Gmail.

Benefits of Smart Reply In The Email:

If you have enabled Smart Reply in the email, you will get lots of benefits. The most important benefits of enabling Smart Reply in the email are given below;

  • It is the best feature to save your valuable time. While composing an email, it is difficult for users to find appropriate words. Based on the AI-feature, it will suggest the appropriate words for the content of the email. As a result, you don’t need to spend enough time in finding the appropriate words. Moreover, this essential feature also suggests complete sentences for the content of the email. We can also save the time of composing.
  • We can also use this feature to increase efficiency. While working in an organization, we have to conversate with the employers. By providing quick and efficient replies of the emails with the help of this AI-based feature, we can also increase the efficiency at the workplace.
  • This is also the best feature to provide replies to the emails with fewer efforts. It means that we can find the best suggestions for the email content without spending enough time thinking about the content of the email.
  • We can also improve the content of the email by using this feature. Its reason is that this essential feature of the email allows the users to improve their abilities while composing the emails. 


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