Are you looking to invest in the best EMR for urgent care? Here is a detailed review of three competent medical softwares so that you make a wise choice.

Gone are the days when medical facilities could relyupon generic EMR systems. Doctors who deal with urgent care are always jugglingquality healthcare with time. They require a medical software that improvestheir efficiency, not slows them down.

If you are looking to boost your performance in 2021,then we have something in store for you. We review the top medical softwares sothat you decide yourself which is the bestEMR for urgent care.

DrChrono EHR

Founded in 2009, DrChronoEHR provides quality solutions that make the lives better for more than17 million patients. It features a system that is suitable for small and largefacilities as well as multi specialties, including urgent care. With the EMRsoftware, the urgent care average door-to-door time is 35 minutes.

DrChrono EHRFeatures

Charting made easy: DrChrono EHR makes documentingnotes and patient profiles a breeze. Templates have been designed specificallyfor urgent care so that time is saved when inputting data. The speech-to-texttool converts words spoken into text that appears on the screen. Photos can beedited and drawn upon to ensure a better diagnosis and record-keeping

Care on the go: This medical software provider haspioneered in providing mobile technology solutions. There are separate apps foriPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch that can be used to manage workflows. Clients canuse these apps to record a full patient encounter, document notes, and thenfile for insurance. Patient profiles can be accessed quickly, which is usefulwhen doctors take rounds.

DrChrono EHRPricing

DrChrono EHR offers four different plans toaccommodate budgets of different practices. A price quote can be viewed afterfilling a form on the website. In addition to this, a free 30-day trial isoffered that allows potential clients to experience the EHR without fullycommitting to it.

PrognoCIS byBizmatics

Bizmatics has been in the electronic healthcareindustry for 18 years now. It offers PrognoCISto practitioners that acts as a complete healthcare IT solution. Some of itshighlighted features include practice management, revenue cycle management,electronic health records, telehealth, patient portal, and much more.

PrognoCIS Features

Customizable Templates: To ensure urgent care isprovided to patients, PrognoCIS offers templates developed explicitly for thisspecialty. Some of the treatment templates are of the upper respiratory system,wound care, pain, minor injuries, traumas, and sports injuries. These templatescan further be adapted as per a practitioner’s preferences and requirements.

Patient Portal: Patient engagement is enhanced throughan online portal. The latter allows patients to schedule non-urgentappointments, update their personal information, download and sign forms, readdischarge summaries, and request prescription refills. Since the portalincludes updated health records of patients, doctors can quickly view thembefore a consultation initiates.

To know moreabout the best EMR system meant for you, get in touch with our representativeon FindEMR now.


This medical software has a starting price of $250 permonth per provider. A free demo can be requested by filling a short form ontheir website.


Founded in 2007, Charmhealthhas been providing advanced technology solutions to doctors of multiplespecialties. The complete suite of solutions includes electronic health record,practice management, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, medicalbilling platform, and telehealth. Its cloud-based operations ensurepractitioners use the system whenever and wherever they like.

ChARM EHRFeatures

Swift Patient CheckIns: Since urgent care is all aboutproviding quality care in less time, ChARM’s patient kiosk greatly reducespatients’ waiting time. Through the kiosk, patients can update their personalinformation, insurance coverage, and medical history.

Efficient e-prescribing: Medicines prescribed bydoctors are shared with pharmacies instantly. The pharmacy can either bein-house or of the patient’s choice. The intuitive system alerts doctors forany allergies that patients may have so that such treatments can be avoided.The e-prescribing tool also allows practitioners to view complete medicationhistories of their patients.

Timely Followups: To ensure that patients are wellcared for, Charmhealth aids administration to schedule follow-up visits forpatients within 72 hours of service. These visits can also be scheduled bypatients themselves through the patient portal.


Charmhealth offers multiple pricing plans. A freeversion of the system is available that is limited to 50 encounters per month.A flexible encounter plan is provided that is priced at $0.50 per encounter permonth. The fixed provider plan is available at $350 per month per user.

Which is the Best EMR for Urgent Care?

All of the above-discussed softwares can be titled asthe best EMRfor urgent care. To decide which system to opt for, we recommendmaking a checklist of your requirements. Then compare your list with theofferings of each of these EMR softwares to decide which one deserves yourinvestment. 


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