Breaking down EMDs EHR Software
If you are in the market for an EHR and currently considering E-MDs EMR system then you need to read this.

What is an EHR

The acronym EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and basically refers to a software which has both digitized and revolutionized how medical practices run in the last two decades or so. However, these softwares do not just store health records but are responsible for several other functions. In this post we will talk exclusively about E-MDs EMR System. It has several features that go far beyond just storing patient data. These features include revenue cycle management, enrollment, practice management capabilities and much more. So if you want to find out just how helpful this particular EHR can be keep on reading! 

Practice Management 

E-MDs is a great software which has several functions that will make handling the day to day tasks of your practice much simpler. It can help with scheduling so any time you have to make an appointment, you can do so with a lot of ease and it will update all relevant schedules. It also sends patients reminders for the appointment so that they can confirm their attendance of the appointment and you can reduce the number of no-shows at your practice considerably. EMDs EHR software as the name suggests is a great way for you to keep patient files and information completely secure and safe. All patient related data is synthesized into one place. If you ask patients to get testing done, the results can be added to the software and to the patients files. You can look at their medical history easily through the software and it makes treating patients much easier overall. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Another perk of getting the EMDs EMR system is the fact that it helps you with your billing and all things financial related to your practice. With the EMDs electronic medical records software you also get a financial component built in that helps you with your revenue cycle management. This includes billing, claims, payment reminders and financial projection related graphs and charts. It is very important for every practice to have a good hold of their financials and always stay on top of that. Revenue generation is a very important part of any business and a practice should also stay on top of their efforts to generate income. With E-MDs you are able to do this because of the billing feature the software has. 

Credentialing Features

One of the most time consuming yet important aspects of a medical practice is to credential your patients before you take them on. As a healthcare service provider this means it is important for you to vet your patients before you take on their case so you can ensure that their insurance coverage will not be an issue later on. Thus credentialing can be a very time consuming task however, with EMDs EMR system you can let the software worry about it and spend your time on actually providing healthcare services to your patients. A lot of other doctors refer to this feature in EMDs EHR demo which shows how popular this feature is and how important your peers find it as well. This is perhaps one of the best features of this EHR and makes EMDs EHR pricing worth it. 

Patient Portal 

Having a patient facing portal in your EMR is a very important aspect that you cannot ignore. These days it is imperative for patients to be able to have a portal where they can login and have an account to keep themselves updated with their appointments and schedule them as well. In the 21st century rarely anyone makes phone calls anymore and to expect patients to do it might hurt your business. With EMDs EMR system your patients have access to their own portal which they can use to schedule appointments, check on their upcoming appointments and more. 


As a doctor running a practice you must have a specialty in the field of medicine that you are catering to. And since not all fields are the same, you will need to ensure that the EMR you employ caters to your specialty. E-MDs has various templates for different specializations which you can choose from and even further customize if you think there is something more it needs or something that is extra. It is completely up to you with what you do with it. This helps makes things much faster for you and your staff. A lot of EMDs EHR reviews talk about how practices were able to severely decrease the time they have previously spent on filing and managing their data alone! The time you save can easily be used to see more patients and increase the number of patients you see in a day. 

Is the Investment in EMDs Worth it?Now you are probably wondering about whether I think the investment you will make in this software is worth it. Considering EMDs EHR pricing isn’t exactly cheap, you probably want to make a sound decision. And well, while we can tell you this is a good software we cannot say for sure whether you should get it since that depends on you. If the features above sound like exactly what you have been looking for for your practice then go ahead. However, we recommend starting out with an EMDs tutorial and seeing how the software works yourself for once before you make any decision about purchasing it.


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