Innovative Zone Rehabilitation (IZR) is a drug addiction center in Lahore that has been treating drug addicts for a long time.

A drug is a biological compound that has an effect on the central nervous system. The result can be pleasurable and render the person unconscious for a short period of time. There are different kinds of drugs that can be harmful if used for an extended period of time. The addict does not want to use them on a daily basis, but when he does, he experiences joy and forgets his concerns. So, beginning with infrequent use and small doses, he becomes addicted to them.

Drug addiction is described as the use of drugs for the purpose of pleasure and still being unconscious for a long time. The consequences of drug abuse are very hazardous. They not only physically affect the human but also mentally disable him from participating in daily life activities. A drug addict's life is ruined and his family suffers as well. Unfortunately, owing to a variety of factors, the younger population is becoming more susceptible to drug abuse. Many of them have accepted this as a fashion statement, but many more are using it to combat depression and anxiety. Many individuals are influenced by economic issues such as unemployment and hunger.

Health consequences of addiction

Drug misuse has serious consequences on both physical and mental health. When brain tasks are not done correctly, physical health reflects the impact. A person's mental health allows him or her to deal with depression, anxiety, and other everyday problems in an appropriate manner. His personality begins to deteriorate as a result of rising negativity and cognitive imbalance caused by substance abuse. The addict's family life is ruined as a result of his continued drug use, and he loses control over his behavior. When it comes to physical effects, alcoholism and certain other opioids destroy the natural functions of the liver and kidneys. Toxic amounts of drugs concentrate in the blood, impeding certain bodily responses. Body shivering begins as he is needed to engage in routine life activities.

How to leave drug addiction?

Getting rid of substance addiction is a difficult challenge. It needs time and adequate care under clinical supervision. In Pakistan, special centers have been developed to address opioids addiction and associated psychiatric problems. Innovative Zone Rehabilitation (IZR) is a drug addiction center in Lahore that has been treating drug addicts for a long time. It has a trained team of physicians and psychiatrists who specialize in in-patient and out-patient care programs. Complete therapy consists of both medical treatments and brain stimulation.

If you are a victim of some kind of agent assault, or if a friend or family member is, bear in mind that healing is dependent on the patient's will. Always have the following things in mind:

Ø Do not go to treat yourself, get professional help

Using narcotics for an extended period of time leaves the body accustomed to their use. The abuser would not be able to curb their urge in the future. A competent doctor's advice will be very beneficial in this situation. Medication could well be needed in some cases to complete drug detoxification. Counseling by a qualified psychiatrist also helps to change the situation. Also with most patients, psychiatric therapy is a time-consuming process.

Ø Get the support of family & friends

Professional advice, as well as the cooperation of relatives and friends, is examples of supportive programs. When a patient is helped by his loved ones, he recovers even faster.

Basic treatment at rehabilitation centers

While being admitted to a drug addiction center or rehabilitation center, the basic procedures which are followed are the necessary medication along with psychological assistance.


Drug detoxification by admission to a hospital is the first procedure performed with an addict. Harmful compounds are removed from the body which has been accumulating for a long time. The length of treatment ranges from patient to patient and is dependent on the illness intensity.

Psychiatric counseling

It is a therapy in which a psychologist meets with the patient in real-time to learn about his personality and feelings. He speaks with him about the problems he is having. He is given direction on how to gradually improve his behavior and increase positivity. Since it is a slow procedure, this therapy takes time. This is how the majority of cases are treated.


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