Know how to setup ETop router and features of ETop Router

Some information about ETop Wireless Router

ETop router is a hardware device designed to receive, move,and analyze incoming packets to another network. ETop router also uses toconvert packages to another network interface and ETop router perform otheractions relating to the network. ETop router is available in the best budgetprice. The good thing is the ETop router has almost all features that anaverage user wants. You can get the ETop router in many colours and manyvarieties. This picture shows the ETop wireless router.

Capabilities of a ETop router

A ETop router has a lot more capabilities than other networkdevices, such as switch or hub. ETop router can analyze the data sent over anetwork and know how it is packaged. ETop router also knows how to send thepacket to over a different network or another network. ETop router reach is excellent,and enough. The distance of the wireless signal of ETop is enough to get the wi-fisignal from any corner of your home. If your family is big, you can get the ETopwireless router.

You can use an extender for your ETop router. The extenderwill get the wi-fi signal of your ETop router and will spread the wi-fi signalsfurther if you are not getting wi-fi signals of your ETop router at the 2ndfloor. You can put your extender at the second's floor to get signals from the EToprouter. It is the extenders jobs to get your ETop router signal and send toother devices in your home. We recommend using extender if you are facingissues while using the ETop router

ETop router has an excellent extended warranty. If you findany error in your ETop router or your router stops working without configuringits settings. Then you can claim your ETop router. The ETop routermanufacturers will check the internal. If they somehow correct the issue ofyour ETop router, they will give you back otherwise they will provide you with abrand-new ETop router. So, do not worry if you buy a ETop router and it stopsworking after some days. ETop websites offer a searchable knowledge base, FAQsmanuals, and downloadable firmware updates.

Easy Installation and setup of ETop router

ETop router's Installation is super easy to install andmanage. To set up the ETop router's device, your simple plug in the powersupply and connect the included Ethernet cable to your ETop DSL, ISDN modem, orcable connection. Next, configure TCP/IP settings of ETop for communication.There is no need to install any software, ETop wireless router includes anintegrated configuration tool that you can access using ETop over a standardweb browser. Just type the provide the IP address of your ETop router and hitenter. An IP address is the default gateway of your ETop router. Every routerhas its default gateway like ETop router has.

ETop router login procedure is simple. Type the correct IPaddress of your ETop router in the address bar of your browser. Enter thecredentials of your ETop router in the login window. You will get the controlpanel of your ETop router. If you are unable to install or setup your EToprouter you can contact your ETop router support. Another option is to read yourETop router documentation. ETop router manufacturers have beautifully guidedeach step to set up your ETop router.

Forgot ETop router credentials

What if you forget your ETop router credentials afterchanging them? Do not worry, and you can recover your ETop router credentials.You can recover by resetting your ETop router to its default factory settings.You can reset your ETop router by pressing the small button from the backsideof your ETop router. Press and hold the reset button of your ETop router for around15-20 seconds. Your ETop router will reboot and will start again.

By resetting your ETop router, you can enter the defaultcredentials of your ETop router. Get the default IP of your ETop router fromyour router manual or documentation. If you are still unable to login, your EToprouter then visits

Configure your ETop router

If successfully enter the IP address and credentials of yourETop router. You can;

1.      configure the settings of your ETop router.

2.      Change the settings of your ETop router as youwant.

3.      Block some sites that you do not like from your EToprouter's settings.

4.      Change your ETop router IP address.

5.      Change your ETop router username and password.

6.      Secure your ETop router from hackers.

7.      Secure your router from illegal persons.

8.      Block some users that will not be able to useyour ETop router internet.

9.      Stop your children from your ETop router to notuse some sites, e.g. adults and much more.

Troubleshoot your ETop router

If you are unable to get control panel of your ETop router,then maybe you are entering the wrong IP address of your ETop router. Do notuse the auto-complete feature of your browser to enter your ETop router IP. Perhapsyou are entering wrong credentials of your ETop router. Get the rightcredentials of your ETop router from your ETop router sticker or your EToprouter manual. Or use the wired connection to configure your ETop router.

We strongly recommend configuring your ETop router using thewired connection.

ETop router is the Best Budget Router

ETop router is the best budget wireless router. Anyone canafford the ETop router easily at a low price. You can get a ETop router thatcan facilitate your whole family within the low price. Just buy ETop router at alow price and enjoy. Contact with ETop router community for any question orhelp purpose.





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