Whenever you have planned to start your own business you have to think three core points before!

What business should you start?

Always try to start a business in which field where you will be comfortable and you know the aspects of your business.

For Example, A man started a business of Information technology and he is a person from the Mechanical Industry so when the client comes to the front of you, You will be nervous that what he wants? what he will ask? OR will I know the answer? 

For this problem solution, always start a business where you are experienced and you know how things work in that! 

Many people start the business without knowing the plus and minuses of business and they only have one thought Earn Earn and only Earn  but they don't  know the right road to run there car to earn the winner cup!

Moto: Always start a business in which you are personally expert and you know the every aspect to bring out you and your team from the bottleneck situation.

Where to Start?

Always try to start your business in your growth area!

For Example, if you want to start a BBQ Bar in the center of the sea who will buy that from you? who will come? If anyone wants to eat something he will go to the nearest Food Street and will buy whatever he wants to eat!

Try to locate a place that suits your business and can sync the people's mindset with there mood and there needs and also the place where you can fulfill your requirement for the better production.

When to Start?

This is the most difficult question I ever face! When to start your own business? Oh my God! you actually don't know when to start there is NO exact settled time to start your own business.

When you completely think that you can do your business, you can handle a team and the most IMPORTANT thing the factor of RISK, can you control the risk? think in your mind and then plan the ratio of profit and loss. Now, can you take a risk? have you got the skills to run a business? 

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