Here are some surprising benefits of being 30, single, fabulous, and living alone.

Thirty and thriving. 

People in their semi-midlife ages are widely accepted as successful men and women when it comes to career, relationship, and overall security. By the time you reached 30, most of your friends may already have paired off, settled down, or had children. While building a family has its merits, family life is not always for everyone in their 30s for some of them are just not yet ready for “the family thing” at the same time. 

If you’re thirty-something and single, chances are you have taken the biggest breakthrough in your life: moving out from your parents and living a life on your own — not just temporarily but rather for good. 

Living alone may sound a little intimidating at first but once you’ve found what’s truly amazing about being independent during this time in your life, you’d probably love to live alone and be single for the rest of your life. Still unconvinced? Here are some surprising benefits of being 30, single, fabulous, and living alone. 

  • You’re free from the “shared-home” pressure. 

Are you sick and tired of the parents that urge you to find someone and settle down as if it’s your last chance to do so? We don’t necessarily mean living with the parents (or grannies) has no good at all but living alone at some points in your life can somehow save yourself from the pressure of finding someone to settle down with, especially when you think you’re not just ready for it yet. 

Moving out from a shared home, you’ll be able to live your life the way you want to. You can go out at night and come home at the wee hours in the morning without anyone asking you where you’ve been. But don’t get overwhelmed because living on your own also comes with the responsibility of paying your bills, buying groceries, maintaining the household, and all. By taking this responsibility, you learn new life skills such as sticking to your budget and managing your finances well, which is one of the merits of moving out.     

  • You can live closer to work. 

Another surprising benefit is the chance of living closer to work. By living alone, you won’t have to consider anyone else when deciding where to live. Everything starts to be within your reach as you opt to live closer to your office and other recreational spots including gym, cafes, restaurants, and shopping centres.  

  • You decorate your own space (the way you want). 

Gone are the days when you have to live under your mum’s interior design orders. Once you’ve decided to move into your new apartment, you have the right and freedom to decorate every space and corner of your home exactly the way you want. This time, you get the chance to choose whatever items, colours, and patterns that your heart desires whether you plan to design on your own or consult a reputable interior designer. When it comes to project housing, the Western Sydney home builders always know how to offer design ideas that will best match the homeowner’s needs and wishes. After decorating your own space, you can host parties and invite all your friends over for wine and cheese night anytime you want.   

  • You have the liberty to make decisions.

When you reach adulthood, you start making huge life decisions. While choosing is not always easy, the best part is when you don’t have to consider a partner’s opinion if you’re single. You have the freedom to decide without interfering with anyone. You can choose to travel anytime and anywhere or move to another country for work without having to think about the kids that’ll be left behind. Having the liberty to make decisions leads you to making smart and spontaneous choices.   


  • Your time is truly yours.     

You can ask any married person and they would tell you how having the time on your own can be a very big deal. Once you settle down and build your own family, your time is allotted to your kids, spouse, and making money to satisfy their needs. Being single in your 30s, your time is truly yours. You can spend your time with whatever you want and not have to consult or consider anyone. 


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