A water ATM is one of the vending machines which bring pure, healthy, and contamination-free water at best and nominal cost,It can be installed at both public and private places.

After light and air, water is one ofthe crucial things, and without it, the life of the Planate earth is notpossible. About 75% of the earth's surface is surrounded by water, but only 3%of the total earth's water is suitable for drinking. But almost all source offreshwater is heavily contaminated.

Drinking contaminated water leads tovarious kinds of health conditions or leads to various fatal waterbornediseases. Thus to avoid the adverse effect of the consumption of contaminatedwater, people usually consume pure and freshwater. To get pure andcontamination-free water, almost all households are equipped with the modernand advance water purification system.

The awareness of the people aboutthe drinking water has increased tremendously in the recent past; thus, almostall citizens of India think about drinking water quality when they at home oroffices. But the real problem starts while traveling. When people travel, theylose access to pure and healthy water. Thus due to drinking contaminated or unfilteredwater, most people get ill while or after their travel. But thanks to thetechnology which gives as water ATM.

What Is Water ATM?

A water ATM is one of the vendingmachines which bring pure, healthy, and contamination-free water at best andnominal cost. This automated machine can be installed in rural and urban areasand any other locality where fewer people have access to pure and healthydrinkable water.

A water ATM works in the same fashiona bank ATM works having only on different, which is a bank ATM gives you moneywhile a water ATM delivers contamination-free, pure, and healthy water at thelowest price. At water ATM can be operated by both coin and smart card.

These days the trend of water ATMhas increased tremendously. You must have seen water ATM while traveling viatrain that various junctions. A water ATM has various application which are

●       It can be installed at both publicand private places

●       You can drink water at the variousbus stop, railway station, and metro station

●      It can be installed at hospital and nursing home as well

Benefits Of Water ATM Machine

This vending machine has variousadvantages here we have listed few but crucial benefits of it which are

●       The first and most important benefitof water ATM is that it enables you to get pure and healthy water at the lowestprice. It is the best option to drink contamination-free water when you are notat home

●       In rural and urban areas, the watervending machine is one of the best and most cost-effective methods to getcontamination-free water

●       Water delivered by water ATM is 100%safe for the drinking purposes as the input and contaminated water are treatedby the process of reverse osmosis and various other modern and advanced water purificationsystems

●       It is one of the significant sourcesof water for those areas where there is a crisis of water. Due to theestablishment of the water ATM people don't have to worry about buying orcollecting drinking water daily

●      Water ATM also ensure that you don't need to buy packeddrinking water at the comparatively higher cost

Most people don't think aboutdrinking water when they are traveling and drinking water from any anonymous,which sometimes makes them sick. Due to which their trip may get spoil.  But now water vending machines allow them toenjoy healthy drinking water at the lowest cost.


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