While tutoring is often associated with students who are struggling to keep up with their peers, it can help those exceptional, bright minds reach their potential. Here are 5 ways tutoring programs benefit gifted learners.

Gifted Tutoring: 5 Ways Advanced Tutoring Programs Benefit Gifted Learners

Do you have an intellectually gifted child? 

Gifted children are often categorized into two; They can be those highly-visible, top achievers in class who are always getting high scores in school works and exams. They could also be those smart yet underperforming students who just don’t give their best in class due to boredom. 

The problem is not all schools have substantial resources to identify and support giftedness. The traditional classroom curriculum is tailored to cater to the educational standards of a median group of learners at a specific age and comprehension level. Gifted students, however, tend to learn at a faster pace compared to average students. They tend to become disinterested if they’re not challenged enough. 

This is where tutoring for gifted children comes into play. 

While tutoring is often associated with students who are struggling to keep up with their peers, it can help those exceptional, bright minds reach their potential. Here are 5 ways tutoring programs benefit gifted learners. 

1. Gifted learners get challenged

"Children like this, who do not feel their needs are being met in the classroom, are perfect candidates for individual private tutoring," says educational consultant, Adam Caller, who founded Tutors International in 1999.

From giving out advanced lessons suitable for your child’s exceptional ability to hiring professional tutors, tutoring programs allow your child to be challenged and have fun in the learning process. In return, they're likely to be more motivated to do better in school

Tutoring allows gifted learners to tackle the more challenging aspects of their curriculum, stimulating their inquisitive minds. Your child will also be mentored by professional specialized tutors, who are gifted themselves and understand the struggles of gifted students and their parents. 

2. Gifted students will enrich their unique abilities with practice

The more students practice their skills, the more comfortable they will feel when it comes to learning. If you feel like your child is low on confidence and isn't practiced enough in school, an enrichment program can help develop their abilities. 

Tutoring programs help boost their self-esteem by giving them opportunities to practice a concept in a low-stakes, judgment-free zone. With this, they'll feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and answers to their school teachers and classmates.

3. Gifted kids can progress at their own pace

A traditional classroom setting of 20 or more students makes it difficult for teachers to make sure every student progresses at a comfortable pace. Gifted learners may comprehend a concept earlier than his/her classmates, and they’d need to move on to the next step. The problem is they might need to wait for the rest of the class to catch up before leveling up. 

With tutoring, gifted learners are not confined to the average pace. They can move on to the next concept whenever the tutor feels like they’re ready, making their learning process more fun and challenging. Well-matched Math tutors, for example, can tailor curriculum and teaching styles to bring out the very best in their gifted students. 

4. Gifted learners will get more personalized attention 

In the same way, a full classroom setting makes it challenging for teachers to give each student the individual attention he or she needs. With tutoring, gifted kids receive more one-on-one time with their tutor, whether it’s private tutoring or small group tuition. 

Gifted kids are likely to be naturally curious. When given the individualized attention, they’ll have the opportunity to ask more questions and discuss complex concepts effectively. 

5. Gifted children will meet other like-minded learners

Gifted learners may feel uncomfortable showcasing their unique abilities. There are many cases when exceptional students pretend not to know the answers just to blend in. 

In specialized tutoring programs, gifted kids meet other like-minded learners. There’ll be a learning environment that encourages intelligence. Even the “friendly competition” among their fellow advanced learners can have a lasting effect on their confidence. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Inflow Education Tutoring Sydney, a tutoring organization in Sydney, specializing in Math and English Tutoring. She enjoys writing practical tips on education, parenting, family, and relationships. 


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