Texture and pattern play an important role in the design of any outdoor living space. Read this blog for more information!

How To Liven Up Your Outdoor Setting Style

Keeping your outdoor settings well-maintained and appealing is not an easy task. You have to make changes according to your requirements and modern trends. Your outdoor living should be as comfortable and stylish as your indoors. Texture and pattern play an important role in the design of any outdoor living space. You have to choose individual elements while keeping a thoughtful overall design in mind and back it up with the strategic incorporation of texture and pattern. 

Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your patio, terrace, or backyard, the strategic use of pattern and texture is an easy and effective way to do so. In addition to comfortable and contemporary furniture in your outdoors, accessories can really create a difference. This will help you in creating an outdoor space that looks and feels beautiful. 

Here are some tips on how to enhance the look of your outdoor setting with a bit of texture and pattern:

  • The main purpose of pattern and texture is to make your outdoor space visually engaging. Regardless of the comfort and functionality, an outdoor space with the plain design will lack interest and look boring. Therefore, the inclusion of texture and pattern is necessary to make your outdoor space visually appealing. The presence of pattern and texture impacts the visual perception of a space. Textures can be really tactical and look warm and natural depending on the nature of textures while smooth and plain surfaces caste a cold impact. Thoughtful incorporation of texture can make your outdoor space look vibrant. 

  • The presence of texture in your outdoor design will help you in creating visual effects with the help of light. Shiny surfaces will reflect the light while rough surfaces absorb light. Proper use of texture in your outdoor design can help you in adding character to your space. Textures draw the eye and fill a space. Use your creativity and try to experiment with the design using different textures. You will finally reach a productive conclusion with the help of the test and trial method. However, be careful about overdoing it as an excess of texture can create a negative impact.

  • Try to incorporate natural textures as much as possible in your outdoor space. If you are out of ideas, look for Feng Shui garden by Japanese to get some motivation. Timber, pebbles, and foliage in a combination can work well in your outdoors and enhance the texture. You can also go with modern trends and use glass or stone with small or large water features. The lighting of different colors focused on water features can bring vibrance and texture as well. Outdoor furniture cushions can be a perfect tool for the addition of the texture to your outdoors. 

  • A pattern like texture has the capability to fill a space, however, overdoing it will make a space look busy and cumbersome. It won’t go easy on the eyes. Instead of loading your outdoors with cushions and other accessories, just use the pattern for the sake of ascent. Keep one color dominant and others to support it. 


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