During a pandemic, the morbidity of the people in the work force is severely affected as health issues arise and the probability of receiving healthcare decreases. However, morbidity and mortality are separated by a thin line difference.

Whenever global pandemics come, there is only one thing that is on everyone’s mind: The Spark and Spread of the virus. Global pandemics come every century and disrupts everything. The Spanish Flu(1918) took away fifty million lives, worldwide. The first few of its cases were found in the US,Europe and Asia after which it was spread in the entire world. In 1919 the cases of Spanish flu eventually disappeared after most of its patients died and a few of them gained immunity and recovered. Similarly, COVID-19 or coronavirus which initiated from China, Wuhan killed almost more than 36.4 million people across the globe. The way people got affected by it, in the same way, the economy of the world got affected too.


  • Morbidity and Mortality

During a pandemic, the morbidity of the people in the work force is severely affected as health issues arise and the probability of receiving healthcare decreases. However, morbidity and mortality are separated by a thin line difference. Whereas mortality is the state of being ill,mortality refers to the deaths. Both the morbidity and mortality are likely to increase by a great number during pandemics.

  • Short Term Fiscal Shocks

Short term fiscal shocks are always expected to be given by the pandemics. The whole population disappears or as it is said ‘goes in quarantine’, that results in a massive blow to all the consumer- services. Services by retailers, HND  assignments writing providers, hotel owners, are all severely affected. The gross domestic product (GDP), early in the first half of the pandemic falls by 9 to 11 per cent. Consumer services that include, restaurants and leisure clubs,tourism are one of those who takes the actual hit.

  • Individual Behavioral Changes

Due to the panic and terror the pandemic creates, a huge part of mental health is affected too. It results in certain changes in an individual’s behavior: Lack of motivation to work, continuous distraction because of the uncertainty of circumstances and the constant dismay. All of these changes end up in a decline in the quality and quantity of the work.

  • Social And Economic Disruption

All the places that include public gathering are closed because social distancing has to be followed, avoiding every kind of negligence. Schools, educational institutions, workplaces are strictly closed which results in social and economic disruption, both. Due to the closing of the public places, all the work is made to be done from home which doesn’t have the same efficiency as the work done from the workplaces. Moreover, work that cant be done from home, gets no progress, which also inclines a big decline inthe economy.

  • Political Stress and Tension

The unanticipated unemployment caused because of the COVID-19  gives a lot of people anxiety and stress. Moreover, racial discrimination increases during the pandemic too,the biggest examples are the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor who were killed by the cops. It ended up in a lot of protests during the pandemic and social distancing which spurred widespread civil unrest.

The impact of the pandemic increases depending on the extent of the geographic spread of the virus. However, people can come up with effective coping strategies to manage uncertainty and make their way out of the situation.

How To Operate In This Global Pandemic?

1.     Design pandemic friendly strategies

The nature of the pandemic should be recognized initially so that when the strategies are planned, they are according to it and are pandemic-friendly. Pandemic specific policies and procedures should be established and followed to have the work going inflow.

2.     The Well-being of The Workforce

Companies top priority should be the well being of their work force. It is important to be aware of the situation the workers are in,provide them with the understanding and give them the safe place they need to work. Pandemic related training should also be provided.

3.     Investments in Technology

During the pandemic, when most of the work is done through digital means, companies need to realise the importance of technology and attain the latest and most effective ways of it. It is a requirement of the pandemic that has to be fulfilled to support and improve remote work and collaboration capabilities.

4.     Communication is the key.

Engaging with all customers is the key to become effective.They should make the customer’s preference a priority and communicate with the mall the time to know the changes in their interest. Later, businesses should adapt to the changes suggested by customers.


Resilience planning should be done for the business continuity and strategies should be made in such a way that they ensure fast recovery from this disastrous crisis. However, it is not and it will never be easy to operate in a global pandemic but efforts can be made to achieve the best out of all.


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