Ideas for Building a Facial Recognition App
Are you looking to develop a killer facial recognition app but need a few ideas to help get you started?

5 Top Ideas for Building a Facial Recognition App

Here are the top 5 ideas for facial recognition apps that can give you inspiration:

1.  Avatar Creation

Facial software combined with machine learning and graphic art can go a long way. Avatar creation is one of the growing trends to help offer a friendlier public image and more of a ‘cool’ outlook.

Avatar creation uses facial recognition by studying facial traits such as cheekbones, eye sockets, lips shape, eyebrow curves, jawline, etc. and transforms that into graphical representation through converting visual algorithms.

The resultant is a cool avatar that can be bought and used for commercial purposes or for just for the sake of fun. This is a newly introduced trend of monetizing avatar creation.

2.  SecureFinances

Making your client’s financials safe and more secure, can be a lucrative service to offer. Transform that idea into facial recognition-based security for mobile financing services, you get a great security app.

This can also be combined with double factor authentication by combining a pin code added with a facial recognition security protocol. The app can trace the facial print of the user and match it to the existing database record. When a strict facial match is established, the app allows the customer to transact his money.


3.  PhoneSecurity

Facial phone security is the new basic trend for all smartphones, utilizing facial recognition. It can be used to make devices more secure and allow for the protection of sensitive information of the user.

But a simple facial security app doesn't do the trick. An even more intricate feature would be to stress recognition patterns of the eye-line, forehead bridge, and nasal wall. Once the recognized patterns have been fed to the stored database, the app can function as a security lock specifically for sensitive information.

Deep Learning allows intensifying recognition of facial traits alongside reducing identity thefts and identity frauds. There are some really amazing third party apps that have been launched that work on facial security patterns.

4.  BiomedicalApp

Integrating facial recognition into healthcare is an innovative approach to the use of facial recognition. The use of genome studies based on genetic traits exhibited by facial features allows the study of phenotypic features.

These features allow medical professionals to have a deeper insight into the genetic history of a patient,just based on their facial traits. Features such as eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones, ears, forehead, etc. can all provide adept insight to determining potential ailments in patients.

Further application of facial recognition apps in medical fields includes the study of personality and character traits. Apps can use presets of determining facial characteristics and directly evaluate the possibility of a particular personality. Psychology is an example.

5.  AttendanceApp

A much cooler way to punch in your attendance at school or college and get rid of the boring roll-call drills.

Facial apps can store student facial profiles and then when students come to class, they can just stand in front of a screen, pose, and voila!  Their attendance is punched into the attendance register – and simultaneously uploaded to the online school or college attendance records.

In simple words, it is hassle-free and efficient – plus it saves a lot of time altogether.

Building an app that leverages facial recognition technology is one of the most trending app ideas. Modern day app development APIs make this task immensely easier as well, so no matter whether you have hired a professional app developer in NYC, Miami, or even from India, they will face no issues in getting such an app ready for you. 


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