Does your pet often get sick? And you cannot figure out what the reason for this constant illness is? You know that it can be because of the plants and flowers in your garden (outdoor or indoor).

List of flowering houseplants

Does your pet often get sick? And you cannot figure out what the reason for this constant illness is? You know that can be because of the plants and flowers in your garden (outdoor or indoor). Yes, you read that right. Plants have the nature of being toxic and non-toxic. Toxic foliage can be affecting your furry friend’s health. Do you love pets and gardening equally and leaving one for another seems unfair to you? Don’t worry; you don’t need to give up on anything because, with some smart choices, they both can go hand in hand. You can totally build up a pet-safe garden as there are plants that are friendly to animals as well. 

Pets are like curious creatures, and they want to analyze almost everything under this sun. If you can’t keep them away from wandering around your yard, then be a proactive member and study about plants and flowers that will be safe for tail-wagging babies. Did you know that some flowers that are edible and even medicinal for humans can be allergic to animals? Although if you love flowers around, you can get online flower delivery in Jaipur of some pet-friendly flowers, if gardening is your passion, then following are some flower plants that will keep your furry friend completely safe. 


Consider orchids as one of the safest flowers that can be planted near pets and little ones. Though it’s always advisable to keep plants on unaccessible levels to eliminate risk, if somehow your pet manages to reach there anyway, then opt for some non-toxic variety of orchids. This exotic flower remains the first choice for most flower lovers. Thus, it can be an ideal choice if you want to plant them in your garden or use them as cut flowers.


“Pretty plants are poisonous’, this statement is proved wrong by petunias. This bright flower is the native to South America and fills your garden with scent from spring to autumn. Available in almost every colour on the spectrum, and their high longevity makes them an ideal choice for your garden. Now talking about the safety matters of your pet, petunia is completely safe if your dog takes a bite.


This woody flower plant is an easy choice as it is readily available and also makes the most beautiful flower in your garden. More than a hundred species of rose are marked safe for pets but don’t get carried away by the name ‘rose’ because not every flower with the name rose attached is non-toxic, like prime rose, Christmas rose, roseby, etc. can be deadly, especially if swallowed. Now if you want to send flowers to Hyderabad anyone who has pets at their home, you know exactly which one to choose.


These big blooms are capable of brightening up anyone’s day. Good news is that they are entirely harmless for pets as well as humans. Not only safe, sunflowers even have medicinal properties, and its seeds make up to a healthy snack. But that doesn’t imply that an overdose will not affect your pet. It’s a completely safe bet if your fluffy bites it accidentally. Now, you can have as many sunflowers as you want at your dinner table.

Gerbera daisy:

Thankfully this colorful bloom species are totally safe for animals. So, you can plant an unlimited number of gerbera daisies without any fear. Available in colours like red, pink, yellow, and white, gerbera is a vibrant flower that symbolizes purity and cheerfulness. Though I’m not telling you that this flower can be incorporated in your pets daily diet, so it is advisable to keep it out of their reach.


Pansies are great for the borders of your gardens, and it gives any garden a lively effect. But what makes it appear in this list is that they are non-toxic for people as well as their pets. And to your surprise, besides being safe, the flower happens to be tasty too. What more can a pet lover wish for? This flower is available in rainbow colours. You should definitely take them into consideration.

I understand that the safety of your pawed friend is your top priority. Thus these flower plants will help them exist simultaneously. Now your pet can roam around freely in its own house without you having to keep an eye on it.


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