Good Omens, Bad Omens. Some common believes.

When you belong to a culture, you adapt the things connected to it, whether it be the living styles, habits or even faiths. Every culture has there own set of specific faiths and believes which may differ from others.

When it comes to faiths the most common aspect people have is the Omens. There are thousands of different faiths in thousands of people’s minds about the good and bad Omens, and it leads people to be actually frightened of those of things. In many cases, these Omens are associated with some specific objects or creatures living amongst us.

If you think about it logically, it seems kind of ridiculous,I mean how can an object be harmful to you in any means but the rate of belief in these kinds of things is astonishing.

I don’t mean to criticize any of these faiths, I’m just simply an observer trying to find the logic behind them. 

There are just a few things that I’ve heard of about which these good and bad omens are associated with. I purposely didn't point out the places in which these omens are believed.

The BlackCats:

The most commonly rumored animal to bring bad Omens and Fortunes. There are a lot of cases in which people literally change their paths if they see a black cat crossing by, thinking that something bad will happen to them if they cross it too.

Surprisingly, in many places or countries, the black cats are a preferred, hand-picked pet animal specifically for their color. Comfortably living in their homes with their children.

Now, In one place the black cats are feared to bring bad Omens and on the other place, the same black cat is the pet animal? And the people the cat is living with are not harmed at all.

Right on to the next one:

The Broken Glass:

There are some people or a set of people that believe that if a glass is broken then it’s a good omen, something bad was about to happen to you but instead it happened to the glass.

Now in other places, if a glass is broken by you or someone else, it is considered to be a warning, that something bad is about to happen and you better be prepared, if you think about it, that could really give someone a serious fright.

So the same happenings in two different places bring two different Fortunes? In one place it’s a good thing and in the other the same thing is bad?

The Crow Cawing:

This is the one I found the most amusing. The crow’s cawing, I’ve actually heard about it personally, that if a crow is cawing constantly at your home, sitting on the roof of your home or somewhere close, it means a guest is coming to visit, which in some cases is a good thing.

Now the amusing thing is, on the other hand, in other places, if a crow is cawing constantly it is considered to be bad an omen, it means that the crows are warning you of some trouble.

So the same animal, doing the same actions, is interpreted differently, in different places. Interesting isn’t it?

I know it’s not much but these are the few things I’ve heardof or read about, that brings some specific Omens/Fortunes, of course, there will be more of them, I’ll see if I can find more.

But for now, at this point, I would really like to consider, do these objects or creatures really brings the Omens/Fortunes they areassociated with? And even if they do then why different in different places? Does the environment affect their capabilities? Or it’s just simply the matter of our heads?

I would really like to think about it.

Hope you find this article interesting!   


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