What they were invented for? What are they getting used for?

Everywhere we look nowadays, everyone is busy. The adult is busy, the teenager is busy even a three-year-old child is busy! Why? Why exactly? Cellphones! That’s why!

Look around you, almost everyone is immersed in their cellphones, doing something or the other, whether it be chatting or playing games.

The most intimidating fact about this situation is, most of them are children, under the age of ten. What reason does a young child have to use a cellphone? Why do they not have toys instead? Why are they not running around and playing instead?

I don’t know if it’s a trend or something but in this current era most young parents easily handed cellphones to their toddlers just so they would stop crying or don’t bother them. A few months old baby knows what a cellphone is and won't stop crying until it gets it. A toddler can easily manipulate the functions of a smartphone and the parents are proud of it!  

What has the world come to?!

Over usage of cellphones has damaged the children badly. Frustration, mental problems, anger issues, these are the common problems most of our generation, the generation of the current decade is facing. Why today’s children are so short-tempered and ill-mannered? There must be a reason, there is areason.

To much use of cellphones are lethally harmful to a grown-up adult, so imagine a baby using a cellphone, for the entire day, just how dangerous it is for the little one.

Cellphones are not toys! They should not be treated as one.

We can call ourselves lucky because we grew up hearing stories from our parents of Cinderella, Snow white, Jack, and the giant bean stock and many more. What are the children of today are growing up hearing? TikTok, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Or if not then online games, which cause them brain failure and eventually death.

When we were young, we use to tell our friends “my parents love me so much, they took me to my favorite park on my birthday and played with me”

What the child says today “my parents love me so much they gift me the latest brand of the famous cellphone on my eight birthday”

Either the definition of love has changed drastically over the years or we are seriously messed up.

The whole family may be sitting in the same room but no one is talking, no one has the slightest sense of asking the other “how was your day?” everyone is busy with their cellphones.

You know what the most humorous thing about this situation is, the cellphones were originally invented to bring people together, sadly nowadays, it is the main reason people are getting distant from one another. Ironic isn’tit.

I will be concluding my article here, but before that, I would like to call on the attention of young parents,

Young parents! Do you think this is the right way to raise your children? Is it right to prioritize cellphones over bonds? The memories you share with your children, the bonds you create, these are the things that needed to be cherished not the cellphone brand codes.

Will these cellphones give the children the basic education they need? Will it teach them respect? Will they ever understand the value of bonds?

Will they be there for you when you’ll get old? Will they give you the care you’ll need when you’ll be weak? Will they give you love when they themselves received none?

You may very well end up all alone in your final days, ask yourselves, is this the end you want to be fated with? Is this how you want to left the world?

Please consider.

Thank you.

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