PERSONAL VLOGGING: Did anyone even imagine that just doing what you do will pay you lakhs ?? Just posting a video can make you a star. Yes, YouTube imagined and turned into reality.



Youtube has been riding on the success wheels since its inception, and this is only because of three significant factors, which are innovation, creativity, and engagement. It has given rise to various fields like gaming, blogging, product reviews, and many more. The list is endless, but the number one position is backed up by a very known niche, i.e., personal vlogging.

From Alia Bhatt to Jacqueline Fernandez, Logan Paul to PewDiePie, Amit Bhadana to Bhuvan Bam, these all vloggers turned celebrities or celebrities turned vloggers have subscriptions more than the total population of individual countries. It’s exciting that a dimension of a product can be so profitable and, at the same time, accessible. 

Years back, we usually indulged in analyzing the pros and cons of YouTube, the primary point that was leading from the front was that YouTube would be a useful source of earning a livelihood. Vlogging has made this point a reality. In a country like India, which has more than 45 crore active internet users, this has proved to be a highly successful option for many individuals who are looking to entertain people through their varied skills. The fascinating feature of YouTube is that it is for everyone, no restrictions.

Now let’s dive into what personal vlogging is ??


Vlogging is a method that contains both video and blogging to bring individual interests in the public domain accessible by individuals at a vast virtual space. It is a form of expressing your opinions, views, ideas, and experiences innovatively and creatively. It provides the creation of a channel, and then you are set to go for uploading a video. The most fantastic feature of vlogging on YouTube is that it has no eligibility criterion opening up the doors for everyone to try their skill. Your subscriptions are your monetary benefit on a large scale, although likes for every video are also the basis of revenue. Personal blogging can be done in any field. All it demands is your interest. You can go into humor, cooking, traveling, acting, dancing, singing, and many more.

Does the question now arise who is more likely to be successful in it??

A personal vlogger can be an individual who has a lot in the bag to tell and make its users engrossed at a large scale. Your interests largely determine how your vlog. Especially as it involves video, it needs to be super attractive. The more you attract the viewers, the more you are successful. 

Personal Vlogging is a great option offering satisfaction bundled along with substantial monetary benefits. You can take a look at my opinion once you look at the famous vloggers and their income through a single video. It is an exciting venture to view up-to and continue even when you don’t have well-equipped knowledge of academic concepts at large. This has only been possible due to continual opportunities provided by YouTube daily, making it a great platform to encourage talent & skills on a large scale.

But, you should make sure that this success is very demanding and consistency-oriented as it directly touches the nerve of a large group of people. You can relate it with the saying that GREATEST OF THE MOUNTAIN COMES UP WITH A GREAT FALL BUT ALSO AN EPIC VIEW ON THE PEAK. So, all those who aspire to become a YouTube Vlogger should practice content consistency as their only mantra.

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