Learn Why Project Management has so much success factor in the market and why this is one of the highest paying jobs in the world!

What is Project Management and Project Management Professionals?

Getting a whole team under the one roof to build something amazing is called Leadership.  Why I use Term 'LEADERSHIP'? To Lead or to engage the employee interest in the project aspects is very important role and that is the first requirement of Project Management, You can manage the project by documentation but in the end there will be ordinary result you get but if you are doing a perfect leadership to the team then you will receive something extraordinary.

Project Management

Project management is the Funnel of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific project goals suppose to the project clearance ground within agreed statements.

Project management has the results and deliverables that are unnatural to a finite timescale and budget.

Who can or have to do this Certification?

It is for those professionals who have 2 to 4 years experience in leading or managing various aspects of project delivery across any domain, and want to fast-track their career road and are ready to invest time and money in something that can give them a huge place in a very competitive market place.

Market Behaviour on Project Management Professionals

The largest advantage of the PMP certification is that it lights up a certification holder’s ability to apply project management terms and practices (of a global standard) at the working

ground and thereby bring immense value to his consumers/clients.

Moreover, it also makes the certification holder very competitive and helps him to be greater remuneration than non-certified peers would not be able to command

Project Management Payscale (Salaries)

the median salary for fresh project managers is $89,286, for experienced project managers is $96,425, for Information technology project managers is $100,000, and for engineering project managers is $107,472.


Project Management Certification Cost?

Member: US$405.00

Non-member: US$555.00


Do Companies take it seriously?

Every Big Organization will know the value of a PMP certification and that it takes a person a considerable amount of experience, knowledge and dedicated effort to attain the Project

Employers often use it as a means to separate the chaff from the grain - many people apply for PM roles claiming they have done the same in their

organization and are well versed in project management practices, but such a claim carries weight when it is buttressed by a PMP Certification.

Even client organizations will provide more respect to certified professionals to lead their big or small projects.

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