Environment is the name of all tangible and intangible things around us like water, air in atmosphere, plants, animals, soil, trees, buildings, roads. We know all these things exist around us with abundant but health life needs a health environment.

One can live a healthy life by consuming safe drinkable water and fresh food for a good diet but it’s not enough for healthy life. We need clean environment, fresh air to breath, but air pollution in environment has crossed the safety threshold level issued by World Health Organization. There are some facts about air pollution and some actions that can control air pollution to make our environment clean.

Health is the degree of useful or metabolic productivity of a living being. In people, it is the general state of an individual's brain,body and soul, normally importance to be liberated from disease, injury or torment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has characterized well being in its more extensive sense in 1946 as "a condition of complete physical, mental,and social prosperity and not only the nonattendance of illness or sickness."


A sickness is an irregular condition influencing the body of a life form. It might be brought about by outside elements, for example,irresistible infection, or it might be brought about by inward dysfunctions,for example, immune system illnesses. In people, "malady" is frequently utilized all the more comprehensively to allude to any condition that causes torment, brokenness, trouble, social issues, or passing to the individual distressed. 

Human well being is impacted by numerous elements like wholesome, organic, compound or mental. It is very obvious that condition directly affects those living in it and numerous ailments are the result of man's maladjustment to his condition.

The variables, which influence human health cause infection,can be isolating into two classes:


The variables, for example, break down of the body parts,hormonal irregular characteristics, failing of safe framework and hereditary issues, which exist inside the human body, are called Intrinsic Factors. The infection brought about by inherent elements is called natural maladies or metabolic sicknesses.

A few instances of sicknesses brought about by extraneous variables are:


Coronary episode Kidney disappointment, Cataract, Diabetes and so on. The sickness brought about by inherent components can be relieved by appropriate clinical treatment. The variables, for example, lack of healthy sustenance, infection causing microorganisms, natural poisons utilization of tobacco, liquor and opiates, which exist outside the human body, are called Extrinsic Factors.

A few instances of sickness brought about by extraneous elements are Kwashiorkor, Goiter, Malaria, Cholera, and Tetanus and so on. The sicknesses brought about by outward factors can be restored by giving healthy food, by giving clean condition, by social cures which empower great propensities.

Numerous synthetic concoctions applied to skin, breathed in or taken by mouth are likewise known to cause malignancy. These synthetic substances, which can cause malignant growth, are known as cancer-causing.Cancer-causing specialists in nourishments might be normal substances or they can be synthetic substances (food added substances) which are purposely added to food as enhancing operator, as shading specialist, as sugar as an additive.Carcinogenic developments or tumors can be dealt with just at beginning phases.Dangerous developments in cutting edge organizes regularly bring about death.



Irresistible Organisms:

Irresistible pathogens incorporate some infections, microbes, organisms, protozoa, multicellular parasites, and distorted proteins known as prions.

These pathogens are the reason for sickness pandemics, as in without the pathogen, no irresistible scourge happen. Transmission of pathogen can happen in different manners including physical contact, polluted food, body liquids, objects, airborne inward breath, or through vector life forms. Irresistible living beings can likewise cause respiratory maladies (pneumonia, tuberculosis,flu and so forth.) and gastrointestinal infections (the runs, diarrhea, cholera and so on.)

Lack of healthy sustenance: 

The term lack of healthy sustenance alludes to an unhealthful admission of dietary supplements. Lack of healthy sustenance may emerge with deficient or overabundant food admission, an unevenness of dietary supplements or a failure to process, ingest or use the food you eat.

Since all organ frameworks in your body require the structure squares and vitality food gives, hunger can antagonistically influence your well being in manners that extend from gentle to conceivably perilous. Eating a nutritious, even eating routine is one of the most significant factors in accomplishing and keeping up your great well being.

Abundance utilization of cholesterol and immersed fats builds your danger of creating atherosclerosis, or greasy blockages in your courses. Expanded danger of diseases may happen if your eating regimen needs satisfactory measures of protein, zinc or nutrient C, Calcium and nutrient D insufficiencies increment your danger of osteoporosis and bone cracks. Lack of healthy sustenance during early stages and youth may build your danger of creating incessant ailments, including diabetes, asthma, hypersensitivities and coronary illness.

Food Adulteration: 

Corruption of food is characterized as the expansion or deduction of any substance to or from food, with the goal that the common organization and nature of the first food substance is influenced. It is hard for the customer to distinguish the degree of debasement. Contaminated of nourishments can either be purposeful, inadvertent or characteristic.

Defilement of food causes a few medical issues in people. A portion of the well being risks incorporate stomach throb, body hurt, pallor,premature birth, loss of motion, and increment in the rate of tumors, neurotic injuries in imperative organs, variations from the norm of skin and eyes.Henceforth food corruption ought to be given incredible significance because of its impact in the well being noteworthiness of people in general.

Expulsion of the defiled oil and suggestive treatment of congestive cardiovascular disappointment and respiratory side effects,alongside organization of cancer prevention agents and multivitamins, remains the pillar of treatment. Particular development of yellow mustard, exacting implementation of the Indian Food Adulteration Act, and commendable discipline to corrupt merchants are the primary preventive measures. 


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