Ghana is a West African country situated along the Gulfof guinea & the Atlantic ocean. It has a population of more than 30 millionpeople with a rich culture that signifies the peaceful existence of anyreligion, race & ethnicity.

Ghana is a West African country situated along the Gulf of guinea & the Atlantic ocean. It has a population of more than 30 million people with a rich culture that signifies the peaceful existence of any religion, race & ethnicity. Ghana has a unitary democratic government that allows the elected president to control the cabinet ministry & as well as the whole government. Media has one of the prime roles in Ghana for strengthening democracy. Media is called the fourth arm of the government. It fosters freedom of speech as per the constitution. Though the mass media has some restrictions in harboring the access in all places, it is believed that media strengthens the democratic nature that the country inherits.

Ghana is named as the fourth republic, which means this the country’s fourth attempt to nurture itself as a democratic country. The media of Ghana has helped a lot in paving the way towards democracy since its independence in 1957. It is also believed the democratic nature of the country has helped mass media to flourish over time & brought vibrancy. So, we can say that the democratic nature of the country & mass media complement each other to grow over time.

In this article, we will discuss the role of media helped in strengthening the democracy in Ghana.

Replace scorporate model

One of the prime things that media does to strengthen democracy is that it replaces the corporate model. If there was no intervention of media & the questioning about government policies, the government would have sold large stakes of public properties to the private entities. That would have caused a monopoly of the private entities & an increase in the price of everything that the public pays for. So, media freedom is very important that will question the government for its policies.

Strengthens public service

Keeping the public property from the eyes of the large private business houses is as important as strengthening public services. Media ensures that public services remain intact in all conditions. Media addresses issues like inequality along with injustice. They cover areas & places where these things happen. It makes the public aware of their fundamental rights & duties towards the nation & each other. So, the intervention of media is very important to strengthen democracy. 

Activates the participation of citizens

Media is the first segment where national issues are shown. This makes the active participation of common people discussing national issues. Sometimes they also get the courage to raise their voice over injustice & inequalities. It is one of the fundamental pillars of a democratic government to get questioned about its policies. So in this waymedia is restoring democracy in the country.

Promotes democratic ideals

As media is the fourth pillar of any democracy, itpromotes ideals & believes to foster democracy. People of the country will eventually be encouraged by the promotion of democratic ideals, & it will lead to an increase in the participation of common people. This thing will promote healthy behavior among citizens towards the nation. Thus, mass media is a common tool that can promote democratic ideals among citizens.

Fosters education & awareness

Mass media fosters awareness among people about democracy & circumstances. Media has access to the political course of action. And itcan let the public know the whereabouts of political issues. Education is the backbone of any country, on the other hand, youths are the future, so educating the youths & make them aware of current scenarios is the best thing mediacan do to strengthen the democracy.

Media plays the most important role in strengthening the democracy of any country. So, the media of Ghana also has a great impact on the democracy of Ghana. It helps to restore the fourth republic, promotes democratic ideals, education& awareness that are the basics of any democratic country.


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