In the modern history, where many things have become accessible through the internet, the term ‘telehealth’ has also expanded its root throughout the world and made a powerful impact on everyone’s life.

Telehealth is the name given to the provision of healthcare services remotely with the help of telecommunication. The patient sitting at home can get in touch with their doctor and avail the healthcare facilities either through landline, mobile phone or the internet. The concept of virtual health clinic provides convenient to both the sides.

Virtual healthcare attracts a vast amount of attention because it is free of any hassle for instance travelling which consumes a lot of time and energy. Other aspects that put virtual health clinic in a favorable position are:

  • It is time-saving. Instead of waiting in long queues, only to get a check-up, a person can easily hold a meeting with his/her doctor online and get their inspection done right away.

  • Unnecessary hospitalization and visits to emergency room are prevented.

  • Patients can receive their treatment from wherever they are without having to set their foot outside.

  • The facilities provided are more advanced and the doctor-patient relationship is more focused and profound.

  • It turns out to be cost-effective. The cost of transportation and sit-in appointments is cut down.

  • It is commodious for the people living in rural areas, who don’t have access to healthcare facilities around them. They can avail the services through a phone call or a video call.

  • The time and energy of the physician is also conserved.

As long as people are deliberated about their physical health, they should also be looking after their mental health. Many people have to handle their depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders alone at home because apparently they are not familiar with mental health services or they fear to show up because of the stigma that surrounds the people suffering with mental health concerns. Sometimes, it is the unavailability of the facilities in some areas that results in the people remaining untreated. However, to make things easier and trouble-free, there are many firms that are offering mental health services online. That means, from anywhere in the world, you can easily reach out to reliable mental health professionals who can listen to your queries and then clarify your problems.

In the same way, ReliveNow is offering virtual therapy and counselling sessions, to people going through mental health issues, in the most convenient way. All you have to do is to visit their website, choose a suitable counsellor, therapist or psychologist, make your appointment and that’s it. ReliveNow has made it evident that online therapy is an affirmative way to speak up about your complications and solve it with the help of a mental health professional. To make the client feel comfortable, there is a choice to stay anonymous. 

Many people struggling with anxiety, depression or mental stress often look up to Google and search ‘best psychiatrist near me’. They are provided with tons of results where there is a list of qualified psychiatrist, therapists and counsellors. Having said that, before choosing a psychiatrist, one must know his problems, behavior and emotions well. This makes it easy to the physician who can understand your condition more clearly and propose coping strategies accordingly.

 Many patients, who are reluctant in talking about their mental health concerns face to face, find it suitable to sit at home and contact the counsellor through phone calls. At some occasions, many patients cancel their in-person visits due to their anxiety or bipolar disorders but agree to virtual therapy session instead because they feel more comfortable in it. Thus, the virtual health clinic holds more significance in the lives of those who are socially anxious and wish to avoid going out in public.


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