All about superfood!

What is superfood?

The name superfood is actually no more than a marketing term that was first used around 1990 and is a collective name for more than average healthy foods. Products that receive the term superfood or superfood are rich in antioxidants and provide a lot of vitamins and minerals and have health-promoting properties. Discussions are ongoing about superfood. Also, companies try to earn from superfood. Don't be fooled and read in this article what superfood really is!


Benefits of superfood

Superfood is seen as the ultimate functional food. Not only do they help the external beauty (the health of skin, hair and nails). They also nourish the organs, reproductive system (reproductive system#41; and help to strengthen the immune system. Superfoods also ensure healthy cell division and help keep the organism in top shape. When taken in the right amounts and on a regular basis, superfoods can significantly improve health and vitality and prevent various deficiency diseases.


Superfood or not?

There are always fierce discussions going on about whether superfood is healthy. The Nutrition Center is also involved in the battle. According to the Nutrition Center, superfoods could be a health hazard. Are there unhealthy substances? No, but if you think of eating superfood exclusively, you have a one-sided diet and shortages could arise. Well, of course, that danger of one-sidedness applies to any food! There is no research available that shows that people who eat superfood do not provide enough variation in their diet.


Superfood is back to basic!

I want to interfere now! I like openness and honesty! Several companies believe they can make money and everywhere you see products on the shelves with a sticker: SUPERFOOD. Do not be fooled! Know for yourself what superfood really is. Have you noticed that superfoods are actually products that are purely natural? Raw products, as Mother Nature offers them. No superfood comes from the factory! For me, the term superfood is equivalent to Back to Basic! Back to nature. Get rid of packages, bags and chemical junk! You really don't have to dig deep to get superfood and boost your health. The most 'normal' products from nature are actually superfood, as you can see in the list at the bottom of this article.




Superfood is the right combination!

No product offers you ultimate health. It is precisely the combination of foods that give your health a boost. I will give you some examples:

- Turmeric (turmeric) is even more powerful and better absorbed if you combine it with black pepper and ginger.

- Different vegetables reinforce each other's effect! For example, the antioxidants from brocolli and tomato reinforce each other's effect by a factor of 5. So take at least 3 colors of vegetables on your plate and make a beautiful color palette.

-Different types of fruit reinforce each other's effect. Turn your daily portion of fruit (about 200 grams) into a very rich colorful salad!

Pay attention:

There are also wrong combinations! For example, tannic acid from tea (including green tea) binds the vitamins and minerals from your superfood. So don't drink tea with your meal. Fruit in combination with other products also gives intestinal fermentation and therefore produces harmful substances. Dairy with other products hinders the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Superfood is the way of preparation!

Superfood starts with buying a back to basic product. Organic makes sense. With the right preparation you pimp the product and get even more out of it! On the other hand, poor preparation can make your product 'dead'. I'll give you some examples:

- Vitamin A is better absorbed in raw vegetables if you add a little cold-pressed oil.

- The longer you cook tomatoes, the healthier! The lycopene is then released!

-  Plenty of water when cooking vegetables extracts the vitamins. The exception is cooking Brussels sprouts. Leave the Brussels sprouts cup under when cooking, so that the vitamin C is preserved.

- A super healthy meal in the microwave, kills the food! I'll tell you more about it later!


Superfood is the right amount!

Too much is never good. This also applies to superfood! Often the power of superfood is in small amounts. For example, spices are very healthy and most have anti-cancer properties. However, too much can cause poisoning! Also, for example, sproutsincredibly powerful! If you eat too much, you may get intestinal complaints.


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