Good surveying equipment is very important for the quality of your projects. There is many different surveying equipment. Frequently used surveying equipment are GPS systems. This allows you to quickly and accurately measure and stake out.

Other surveying tools are:

·         Spirit level instruments

·         Rotating laser

·         Theodolite

·         Total station

·         Measuring tape

All devices have their advantages and disadvantages.

The simplest surveying equipment is GPS systems

GPS systems use satellites to determine the position. No basis is needed anymore. With such a system you can easily measure and stake out. You only need to connect the GNSS receiver to the measuring app. The easiest measuring app is Apglos Survey Wizard.

With the help of Google Maps you can measure points, lines, arcs, polylines and areas. Everyone can survey by GPS with this measuring app. So you too.

View the GPS surveying equipment below that will make your job easier and which will greatly improve the quality of your projects.

GPS Systems

A GPS system is a surveying tool. The exact position can be determined using satellites. This is possible with an accuracy of 1 to 2 cm.

Surveying software

Surveying software is the software required for surveying.  Apglos HST offers the best balance between functionality and ease of use.

GNSS Receivers

Surveyors acquire satellite signals with a GNSS receiver. The gantry signals are converted by the GNSS receiver and the coordinates can be read at centimetre level.

Rugged Tablets

Our waterproof tablets are robust and sturdy and, unlike normal tablets, will not be easily damaged by dust or water.

GPS Subscriptions

GPS subscriptions are required to work properly with a GPS system. The necessary GPS subscriptions are related to the exchange of data with the base stations.

GPS Accessories

Accessories are necessary for a properly functioning GPS system. Without these GPS accessories, surveying is difficult, if not impossible. We are happy to give you more information about which accessories we can supply for your GPS system.


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