JLF 2021

The 14th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival took the reading enthusiasts by a storm with its entirely virtual avatar. The worldwide famous 'greatest literary show on Earth' seized the hearts of millions of viewers from around the globe as it began on Friday 19, 2021. 

The 10-day festival created an extraordinarily exciting buzz in the market with its new and digital perspective. Undeniably, JLF organizers are fascinated with the fact that this year, each and every individual would be able to participate. The platform is expecting a sensational audience of 10 million spectators from every corner of the world. 

Furthermore, the virtual platform hosting the Jaipur Literature Festival is marvellously tackling all the uncanny traffic fluctuations. Despite the logins increasing every minute, the participants observed an astonishing as well as a seamless functioning event platform. 


As the prosperous activities of this exuberant festival initiated, fans speculated a breathtaking as well as a heart-touching conversation between the well known Prasoon Joshi who has reached heights of success in poetry as well as songwriting. Along with the one and only famous Chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification and a mesmerizing musician as well as scholar Vidya Shah.

They stupendously shared their ideologies on the genres of Indian music. This conversation took place between the sessions titled: Classical, Folk and Popular Music. The duo touched on the importance of understanding each other. They shared their thoughts regarding the miraculous beauty of art as well as music. They emphasized the need to understand art as well as its importance. 

The breathtaking lyrics further continued by stating that, 

"A person who makes art is important, but a seeker of that art is equally important. Art is beyond communication. These days, we have become too obsessed with the message. Maybe there is no message, and just losing yourself in the moment is all you need," 

The artist further moved to portray his remorse over the vanishing vocabulary of the reading fanatics out there. He strongly believes that there's a firm set of restrictions over the poets or the writers because individuals can't comprehend the true meaning of their artwork. 

The exuberant scholar Vidya Shah was also seen supporting the beliefs of Prasoon Joshi by stating 

"The sheer range of emotions and the possibilities that listening to music can offer are immense. If we allow ourselves to submerge into that experience, the world will be a much better place."

She further emphasized the need of being emotionally conscious while consuming any literary artworks. She believes that listeners should open up their hearts and minds while listening to the mellifluous melodies curated by proficient musicians.

The Festival also witnessed the extraordinarily talented Priyanka Chopra Jonas who shared some inspiring instances with the audience.

Priyanka Chopra talked about a heart touching incident that intrigued her to work for girl child empowerment. This was a memory of Chopra Jonas regarding Chhoti, a 5-year-old girl who is the daughter of a cook working at Chopra House. The young girl told Chopra Jonas how she had to give up on her studies and dreams so that her elder brothers could access sufficient education. It was this incident that made Priyanka Chopra Jonas question the status and condition of a girl child in today's reality.

Furthermore, she continued to talk about her significant other, Nick Jonas. Priyanka told her unrehearsed feelings about Nick Jonas and how he is the perfect partner to share every heartfelt conversation with. The duo has been happily married since December 2018.

The attendees also witnessed a conversation between Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Shobhaa De. Priyanka stated feelings about the Bollywood industry and her dislike towards entitlement. The global actress conquered the heart of millions of fans when she shared her journey of hard work and undeniable success. She further talked about her father's support and how she was able to make him proud by acquiring the glamorous crown of Miss India as well as Miss World at just the tender age of 18. 

This 45-minute long conversation kept the audience engaged marvellously.

The event gladly welcomed Michael Dwyer, who is the Managing Director as well as Publisher at London’s Hurst Publishers along with Shashi Tharoor who is popularly known as an author and Member of Parliament.

Tharoor went on to share his ideologies to target the contradictions around his prominent image. He further discussed his opinions on Mahatma Gandhi and his preachings.

The fans also witnessed Naom Chomsky in an interesting conversation with Sreenivasan Jain. They shared their philosophical ideologies regarding political as well as evolution. The two went on to discuss strategies and progressive ideologies adopted by Donald Trump and Biden in their respective times. 

This was a critical discussion that intrigued and fascinated a lot of interested candidates that participated in session.

14th edition of JLF has gone virtual with exuberant virtual event platform, Dreamcast, to empower individuals to experience inspiring sessions and glorious conversations from all over the world same as live JLF. Unquestionably, the event is gaining all the limelight thus achieving a great milestone with its virtual avatar!

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