Tips and hacks: how to work from home Due to coronavirus.
Due to the spread of coronavirus, more and more people are switching to remote work. We have gathered tips and useful applications that will help organize a home mini-office, establish work processes and less distract, even if you have small children at home.

how to work from home Due to coronavirus.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, more and more people are switching to remote work. We have gathered tips and useful applications that will help organize a home mini-office, establish work processes and less distract, even if you have small children at home.

How to set up work processes

Communication Keeping in touch with the team during the day is most convenient in group chats. It’s good if this will not be a chat in regular messengers or social networks (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.), because employees will be tempted to respond to messages, get distracted and start reading other channels, chatting with friends or flipping feeds. Here's what you can replace standard messengers with.

  • Slack ( iOS, Android ). The service allows you to create open or closed chats (channels) and conduct personal correspondence. You can also configure integration with third-party services - for example, alerts about completed tasks in Trello or Jira (we will talk about them below). In the free version of Slack, you can create any number of chats, connect 5 third-party services and search for the last 10 thousand messages.

  • Skype ( iOS, Android ). In Skype, you can set up group chats. Here is an instruction on how to do it.

  • Teams Microsoft. The application is available for users of the Office 365 suite. In the free version - up to 300 chat users, the ability to make voice and video calls and show the screen.

  • It is important. On a remote site, the activity in chat rooms is greatly increased. Remember the rules of polite correspondence: do not throw colleagues voice messages (it’s more difficult to search for them), do not write in chat for anything, keep personal correspondence in personal chats, try to formulate thoughts in one message so that frequent alerts do not distract chat participants.

Conference calls. During remote work, it will be useful for teams to call up more often - and preferably with video communication. First, so that no one feels isolated. Secondly, because in the correspondence a part of important non-verbal information is lost and the intonations of the participants are not always clear - because of this, conflicts can occur. Here are some programs that can help you organize video calls with several participants for free.

  • Zoom ( iOS, Android ). The service allows you to organize a free conference for 100 people lasting up to 40 minutes (then you can reconnect and talk again for 40 minutes for free). To create a call, one of them must register in Zoom (you can log in via Facebook or Google), and then send the link to the conference to the others - they will not need to register or download the application. Also in Zoom, you can open a screen demonstration, chat, and record a video call.

  • Skype ( iOS, Android ). In Skype, you can organize a group video call for 50 people for free. Screen sharing and chat are also available for participants. For those who do not have an account in the service, you can send an individual link to the invitation to the conference call.

  • The Hangouts Google+. A service from Google, where you can make a free video call for 10 people. Participants can chat in the chat, but their history is saved only until the end of the group call. Here are instructions on how to organize a conference call.

Boards of tasks. The most difficult part in the remote is to control the work of all team members and demonstrate their own results. Work will become more transparent if you use gliders and kanban boards. They are all arranged according to a single principle: task cards are arranged in several columns: to do (what remains to be done), in progress (what you are doing now), done (what is done). Here are some of these online whiteboards.

Productivity. Many who are used to working in the office find it difficult to concentrate without the "all-seeing eye" of their bosses. There are several services and techniques that help you focus on tasks. Here they are.

  • Pomodoro. The Tomato method works like this: perform the task continuously for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, then work again for 25 minutes, and so on. After four such cycles, you deserve a great 15-minute rest. You can set yourself a timer, use free services or applications ( iOS, Android ).

  • Applications that block sites. Sometimes such blockers are put on work computers so that employees are not distracted on social networks. It is time to become your own strict boss and block access to distracting sites yourself. This will help do the services Self-Control, Focus, Freedom.

  • Revolutionary method. Call Skype or Zoom with a colleague (or the whole team) and work without interrupting video communication. The likelihood that you are being watched will allow you to be less distracted by social networks, household chores or procrastination. 

How to organize a workplace

Laptop or computer. Ideally, if your employer took care of the employees, gave everyone home laptops and helped set up the right programs. if you have banking work like transfer money that time routing number will very important role play in U.S bank transfer USA Routing Number If not, you will have to use a home computer or, worse for the budget, buy a new one. In the second case, be sure to pay attention to the power that is required for your work. You can choose a new laptop, for example, at offline stores are now best avoided for well-known reasons.

From the desktop of your home computer, it’s better to remove all the shortcuts that will remind you of “free life”: games, folders with movies and photos. In the browser, it is desirable to exit all social networks and hide in the “favorites” all the links that were waiting for your future procrastination. The most effective option is to create a separate account where there will be nothing but work files.

Table. It’s great if you already have a comfortable desk designed only for work on a computer or laptop. Then you just have to remove everything superfluous from it that can distract attention at least for a second. If there is notable, but there is an opportunity to buy it (and a place where to put it) - the cheapest options can be found, If you can’t separate a separate place for work, you will have to use a dining table. In this case, take care of the strict separation of work and personal space. For a while, remove food, spices, napkins from the table - everything that will remind you of home life. At the end of the day, on the contrary, hide your laptop, notebook, phone - everything is working.

The chair. It is important that you work as conveniently as possible, but it is not relaxing comfortably - that is, a stool, chair, and sofa are most likely not suitable.  

How not to be distracted

Separate work and home life. Ideally, if you have a separate room that can be converted into a study. But let's face it: if you switched to a remote site for the first time only because of quarantine, when you work remotely from home that very complicated bank work because u cat goes anywhere and also bank employee had a holiday on this day so you have an only one option to transfer money online UK people don't worry find routing or swift code TD Bank Routing Number then most likely you do not have an office. Therefore, to separate work and life will have to be available at hand.

“Removers” are often recommended to change into office clothes before starting work. But not everyone agrees with this approach. And then, it’s hard to force yourself to put on a suit of your own free will, and kapron tights for girls and pets are completely incompatible things. As a compromise, you can put on a working “top” (at the same time you will always be ready for sudden conference calls) and a cozy home “bottom”.

After the end of the day, do not forget to take out of sight all the things that will remind you of work. Put your smartphone in silent mode, turn off notifications in chats and mail.


Stick to your schedule. No matter how great the temptation to change the work schedule, remember that quarantine is not forever, and sooner or later you will have to return to your usual work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (it will be more difficult to do this with the disabled mode). Try to wake up, as usual, and spend the time that you used to spend on the road for pleasant rituals: a delicious breakfast, a leisurely cup of coffee or a walk, if possible. Reading disturbing news, by the way, is better to postpone for another time.

In order not to deviate from the working rhythm, use planning boards or a daily planner - at home, where each item distracts you from work duties and practically does not remind you of office life, this is especially important. Do not miss lunch break. Do not linger after the end of the working day - this is the fastest way to burnout.

Take breaks. In the office, from time to time, you switch to talking with colleagues, going to the kitchen and to the cooler. If you work alone at home, there will be less opportunity for such a short rest. In order not to lose productivity, set alarms or use the Pomodoro technique that we wrote about above.

Try not to do household chores during breaks: it will be easier to get distracted and lose time, and at the same time a working mood. And do not lean on snacks - if you open the refrigerator more often than usual, at the end of quarantine you run the risk of finding an unpleasant figure on the scales.

Remember about physical activity. Before, every day you went out onto the street at least twice: on the way to the office and back. If you don’t sit on self-isolation, try to adhere to the same rule now - for example, take a walk at lunchtime and after a working day (while it is advisable to keep a distance of 1–2 meters with others, it’s still quarantine). Open the windows more often, and during breaks go to the balcony, if possible.

Going to the gym, even if it was not closed due to quarantine, is not safe. But you can play sports at home. Here's a selection of free apps and channels with home fitness ideas.

Think of others. Perhaps, children, relatives or neighbors interfere with your work. Agreeing with them about silence will be easier if you yourself observe it. Try not to make noise during telephone calls, put on headphones before conference calls, do not turn on the music in the background if it prevents your loved ones, who also work from home, from concentrating.

Think positively. In work from home, even forced one, you can find many advantages: you do not spend time on the road and get tired less, are free from noise and distracting colleagues in the open space, you can complete tasks faster and have more rest. If you have pets, they are surely delighted. Read less disturbing news and remember that quarantine is a temporary measure.


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