If you like to enjoy a glass of wine in your new resident, then you need to keep your old wine bottles with you. Moving your wine bottles is not easy task. You need to plan for moving for wine bottles to your new home.

Here are some tips that you need to consider when moving your wine bottles:

1. Pack wine suitably 

Provide right cushioning against breakage. Position bottles on their sides to keep the corks moist. You can label the boxes clearly. Never pack bottles that have been opened. Your movers can’t be expected to check all sides of boxes so you need to do proper care for your wine bottles. 

2. Avoid extreme temperatures 

The older the wine the more sensitive it is to temperature fluctuations. The nice temperature for most wines is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time for moving wine bottles are fall and spring, whereas winter and summer are not a good season to move wine bottles. 

3. Check the limits 

If you are transporting wine around the state boundaries, then you need to know about the laws regarding how much alcohol can be brought in or transported for personal use. 

4. Use bubble wrap over the tissue paper 

Padding your glasses with bubble wrap makes a various type of grip between crystal and plastic which can mean broken stems or crushed glasses. You can use a tissue paper layer between glassware and bubble wrap, and your goblets will be protected. 

5. Pad the empty space 

There should be no space for additional shaking once you close up each box. Make sure to pad an added gap with excess tissue paper, socks, blankets, or even sweatshirts to avoid your glasses from moving in transit. 

6. Get wine appraisal and insurance 

Large collections should be insured and appraised with both photographic and written documentation. Qualified wine appraisers can be found through local wine merchants and clubs. 

So, these were some guides for packing wine bottles. You can take help from Rham transport for the best moving experience. The experts at Removals know the best way to provide the best removal experience to the customers. Book an appointment with us and avail the best of services at reasonable prices. With years of moving experience, they better understand how to move the wine bottles effectively.  


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